The best detective games on PC

What are the best detective games on PC? We’ve researched the best detective games around the world, from occasional gritty adventures to old-school clicking puzzles, all using their unique problem-solving mechanics.

We all saw an episode of CSI or Law and Order, or read a book by John Grisham, or listened to a podcast about real crime, and thought, “Yeah, I can do that, I can solve the case.” Now you can live your best detective dreams and solve murders, cold cases, and unresolved puzzles with the best detective games on PC – so bring your deer hunting hat and magnifying glass, you’ll need it.

If you are looking for a sci-fi prose on your mystery, a touch of fantasy in a murder murder, or a raw police action, we have our picks for the best detective games for PC.

Here are the best police games:

Detective games break the sword

Broken sword

Broken Sword isn’t exactly Monkey Island in the pinball adventure game rankings, but it makes up for more than its lack of pirates, sword fights and sword fights, with diabolically clever puzzles to pass Just You think long enough before you know the right solution.

The Broken Sword series follows George Stobart and Niko Collard as they are drawn to dark intrigues and ancient intrigues. The writing is sharp and charming, as George and Nico get entangled in all sorts of sinister adventures throughout the series, meeting and interrogating whimsical characters wherever they go. Broken Sword is a fantastic test point and click adventure series, as it takes polite murder and intrigue to the romantic and glamorous cobblestone streets of Paris and beyond.

Detective-games-the wolf among us

the wolf among us

In this sparkling black place where all our childhood fantasies live together in a bleak, crime-ridden fabletown located in modern Manhattan. You take on the role of Big Bad Wolf, Bigby’s Detective. In this episodic puzzle from Telltale Games, your mission is to keep the city in order, while investigating the violent murders of fairytale characters, using dialogue options as the primary route to justice.

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Your companion in the apartment is a pig with a bad attitude, Mr. Toad does not take away his magic (magic used to hide fairytale characters from humans), and a severed head has appeared on your doorstep. You’ll come across familiar characters including Snow White, the Huntsman and Sleeping Beauty, as you slowly remove the Fabletown killer puzzle. The premise comes through twee, but in a true Telltale way, this is a bleak and sad story – there’s not much here in terms of working on the case, but just like in The Walking Dead, your choices have dangerous and far-reaching consequences.


The disappearance of Ethan Carter

This first-person exploration game tells the story of Detective Paul Prospero and his supernatural hunt for the lost boy Ethan Carter in Red Creek Valley, Wisconsin. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter wears its twin peaks and the influences village of the damned up its sleeve, as you analyze clues and recreate scenes with paranormal observation skills.

Ethan Carter’s fading is disturbing and disturbing, as it contrasts the area’s natural beauty with the uneasy quest to find the lost boy before it’s too late. You are free to fully explore the secluded canyon, allowing you to explore every nook and cranny, delving into the secrets of Red Creek and what really happened to Ethan Carter.

You’ll find little clues hidden in unwanted places, prompting you to regularly exit the beaten path for more narrative tales. Unlike many other police games, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter lets you theorize your conclusion from all the clues you discover.

Detective games Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

Managing to make players feel as smart as the greatest detective in the world without giving them too many paranormal abilities is not easy. In Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, it’s largely up to you to look for clues, put it together, and point your finger at the right offender.

Holmes’ other hunch will help you out from time to time, but what makes crimes and punishments special is the amount of freedom you are allowed to get things wrong. It is possible to get lucky and convict the right fraudster, but you’ll often wonder if you drew the right conclusions or missed essential evidence while closing the case.

While the animation and graphics are a bit wobbly, the performances are strong throughout and every situation is mired in all the mystery and grandeur you’d expect from the novels. It’s not just one of the best detective games, it’s the best Sherlock Holmes game we’ve played in years.

Detective games discworld-noir

Discworld Noir

In an unfamiliar area of ​​Anak Morbork, Special Detective Luton is assigned to investigate a brutal murder in the city and quickly gets involved in a dark and sinister conspiracy. Many fans of Discworld fiction will recognize the locations and characters in Ankh Morbork, such as The Palace and the City Watch, but unlike the first two Discworld game, Noir takes an edge of its own, veering off the series’ usual tone by exchanging magic and magic for werewolves and jazz bars.

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Instead of your safe luggage, you will have a notebook in which you will store all your clues and slowly cross out all of them, unlock places and discover new threats. There is something terrifying about the secluded streets that pierce Ankh Morbork, not to mention the spiderweb characters you’ll meet in their dark alcoves.

Detective games grim fandango

Grim Fandango

In the world of Grim Fandango, when you die and embark on your journey to the land of the dead, you are assigned a travel agent who determines the mode of transportation you take which is determined by the number of good deeds you have completed in the land of the living. Enter Manny Cavelera, a travel agent in the afterlife with a boss jerk, clever rival, and a plot to solve.

Mane’s own journey through this point and click detective game is both humorous and dark as he becomes a travel agent-turned-detective noir upon discovering that his boss has been visiting the system and cursing countless souls on a grueling journey to the land of the dead. The characters you meet are full of charm and humor, and each new chapter is a feast for the eyes as you explore new places in the afterlife.

Detective games, no fire

Los Angeles Noire

In the 1940s, you played Cole Phelps, a patrol cop-turned-detective, on a mission to work your way through the police force without deviating from your morals along the way. You comb crime scenes, question witnesses, and follow leads until you get a suspect or two that you can question. How good these inquiries are depends entirely on your investigative flair, the number and quality of clues you can discover, and your ability to read and respond to precise expressions when questioning witnesses and suspects. This is a fully interactive crime drama, packed with all the details you’d expect from a Rockstar title.

As with any classic noir, there are plenty of surprises along the way, so expect an odd shootout at a Hollywood movie studio or a car chase through the famous Flood Control Basin. It wasn’t long before a case of arson was discovered with repercussions well beyond Los Angeles’ unnatural belly.

Detective games disco lysium

Disco Elysium

A narrative RPG where you will shape your character by customizing skills, clothes, and items as you try to solve a horrific murder with the mother of all junk. Disco Elysium adds its own role in procedural policing by letting you use your hastily regrouped mental state to veer off course at any moment – you’re funky, but you get results. He is wickedly intelligent RPG game, With heavy interactions in dialogue revived by some of the most refined scripts of any game we’ve played.

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There are multiple ways to decipher the scenarios and plot progress, dictated by the personality traits confused together. Are you going to play the professional detective in a graceful suit, or the drunken warrior sweeping crime scenes in dirty briefs? It’s not hard to see why Disco Elysium is one of 2019 The best computer games.


Gemini Street

In this cyberpunk detective game, you will explore the wet planet Barracus as Detective Azriel Odin, stumbling in a corrupt world where identities are bought and sold, and people are slowly losing their grip on their lives through debt and drug addiction. Azriel’s story is intertwined with the story of another playable character, Delta-Six, a man without memory wakes up at a strange training facility on the other side of the galaxy.

This point and click moods Adventure game He has plenty of references for science fiction fans, and it’s clear that Blade Runner and Phillip K. Dick are the main inspiration for developer Joshua Neurnberger. If you are a fan Cyberpunk gamesPixel art and bleak cities, this grim tale is a must.

Detective games return obra dinn

The return of Opera Dean

Not all detective games are about police action. Obra Dinn vs Obra – easily one of the The best independent games From the contract – you play the role of an insurance evaluator investigating the disappearance of crew and passengers from a merchant ship, the honorary Dean Opera. Armed with a pocket watch, you’ll need to solve each individual death, scribble clues in your journal as you go, and finally collect the tragedy that befell this mysterious ghost ship.

The simplicity of this puzzle lies in the real detective work and the hours you’ll need to put in place. Instead of uncovering a live murder or an ongoing case, you are working on a proper cold case, cruising inside the spooky ship for any and all evidence you can get.

Frog Detective 2

Detective Frog 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard

Both games in the series are worth playing for their serious and charming dialogue, not to mention the fact that each one will take an hour or so to wander through. Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard expels the world’s greatest detective – who happens to be a frog – on another island that has plenty of townspeople to interrogate and hidden objects to discover with a giant magnifying glass.

Frog Detective 2 is as far from the entertaining police drama as you can get while it’s still about solving puzzles, so if you’re looking for a more relaxing experience, this is a visual experience full of jokes at every turn.

Whether you want an episodic adventure or intense dialogue, these are the best police games for PC. Or for quick shootouts and police simulations, check out our guide to the Best police games.

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