Cyberpunk 2077’s speed racers have discovered a loophole in the bunny game

If you have fond memories of abusing jumping physics in video games to bunnyhop at ridiculous speeds through Quake, Thief, or Half-Life (so that they get rectified and take away our fun), you’ll enjoy seeing them come back a little differently in Cyberpunk 2077.

YouTuber Max Dakka demonstrates the technique in the video above. To try it yourself, you will need to install some electronic software. Get the maneuvering system upgrade that lets you dribble in mid-air, and you might want the reinforced strings for that awesome double jump, too. The secret to your speed of movement is to dribble just before landing, after your jump. Every time you do this, you’ll get a boost, and soon linking reinforcements together will get you off the vehicles faster.

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