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Bad blood

From 2010 to 2014 Richard Cobbett Crapshoot wrote a column about rolling the dice to bring random, mysterious games back to life. This week, get your 50,000 worker sunscreen ready, because the post-apocalyptic world is back with vengeance and only the toughest have a chance.

Wasteland was the predecessor to the well-known Fallout, but these aren’t the only games that have pushed the world with nuclear weapons to give themselves a sandpit to play in. In 1990, Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts unleashed booms in an entirely different kind of wasteland, but there was no Kickstarter Project fighting to get its sequel this is One, was there?

This is probably the best. He does after all slimy mutant scum a star.

You’re a mutant scum. Slimy drips from the nuclear winter anus.

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