A return to belt releases on Xbox One brings Asteroids to new players

A new title appeared with the original fortieth anniversary Asteroids Series. Developer Mauricio Felippe surprised the crowd Back to the belt Which is now available on X-Box Systems One and Xbox Series X / S. This title celebrates the classic Arcade shooter but brings a new twist that fans are sure to enjoy.

Gameplay is similar to the classic one asteroid An experiment as it includes angular vehicles, a central lock screen, and tons of asteroids to counter. From the description alone, many players already possess images of the blank black screen and the interesting environmental situations caused by their destructive intentions.

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Enter to file asteroid Experience as you fight in a 360 degree battle to survive, destroy asteroids, and stay alive. This is a game about getting rid of levels and trying to gain a high core. No more battle players in a 2D realm, instead, they have to deal with 3D environment stylized as the classic vector game.

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This title launches with over 64 levels and a hardcore mode for players to participate. As you complete the levels, watch your score rise on the global high scoreboard. There is no limit to how high the score will be, so make sure you take control of everyone and become a champion asteroid Play style.

It is important to note that this is not just a remake of a classic, it is a re-imagination. Players will find that Wireframe vector graphics are executed in Technicolor, And all levels wrap around a hexagonal ball giving it a distorted and distorted look.

Weapons, graphics and the world at large have been improved. Players can enjoy that the entire screen is full of moving objects which makes this game more dangerous than the previous games.

In addition to the main title, the game includes some weird mini games, some mini memory games, and some hidden cup games. The developers enjoyed their design, and players can do more afterwards to try Asteroids Globalism In re-imagining this unique classic title.

It’s been 40 years since then Asteroids Originally launched. The developers hope that even with the new titles, Classics can still be relevant In the new year.

This is a game that anyone can play. Although it can get complicated with many animations, this is not enough to prevent players from having a clean, fun and wonderful time.

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Back to the belt Available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S for only $ 9.99. For more information, be sure to explore the Microsoft Store page as it has trailers, screenshots, and more for interested audiences.

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