Hades has achieved spectacular results this year on Steam

2020 was not a good year for the world as a whole. You had all kinds of events, from political tensions and riots and of course, an epidemic. Covid-19 has had a very big impact on the gaming industry as well, especially for developers who have faced setbacks due to the inability to operate in a traditional environment.

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Fortunately, there were some bright spots. One of these was the release Hades On the steam platform. This roguelike action from Superhero games It was a very impressive year, all things considered, especially in the overall users section as reported by some recent numbers compiled from Steam 250.

There were a lot of other features, however for many Hades The brightest brightest. It contains a lot of great Greek mythology elements that should make you feel at home if you’ve played God of War Series, until now, Hades Enable to offer a different refreshing experience to the experience.

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The visually vibrant graphics pair well with the fast paced action, which includes hacking and slashing your way through the underworld. All the time, you get help from the gods of Olympus themselves – who try to help you by rewarding you with special abilities.

Progress really shines in Hades Because of the endless constructions that can be. Although you like to deal with the gameplay, the developer has given you specialized tools to compensate the damage as you see fit.

Usually with roguelites, combat takes center stage but this is not the case in Hades. It also highlights an impressive array of characters, all of whom act with good voice. It gives extra depth to the characters you encounter that you choose to be friends with.

All the time, storytelling elements are carefully planned to keep you on the edge of your seat. It is quite possibly the most approximate of rugolites Superhero games He was part of, and that’s probably the reason for his Steam success this year.

Fortunately 2020 is over and everyone can now look forward to a better year likely, especially in the gaming community, but it’s good that there are so many amazing shows now on Steam like Hades. This gives computer players a lot to enjoy until the new versions are finally released.

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It might take some time for the developers to get back to their regular routine, but in the meantime, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into in Steam right now.

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