Meters Music Level Up Headphone Review

Meters Music is entering the gaming headset field as a newcomer. The brand owner started life in the music world, as you’d expect, making guitar amplifiers for some very large bands. Then, three years ago, it launched a more consumer-focused line of products at CES 2017, starting with a lineup of headphones and audio products. Now, Meters Music is tapping into the gaming world with Level Up speaker, Wired kit that features virtual 7.1 surround sound and some unique additional features.

Firstly, this is a product in the UK that costs £ 99.99. That’s roughly $ 150 when accounting for taxes, which is a bit pricey for its feature set. Meters Music hopes to help some of its unique visual boom in this regard. However, we don’t think they are worth the extra value over the competition.

What’s in the box

Package includes the headset itself with an included USB connector, detachable microphone, soft carry case, and a separate 3.5mm chat cable for alternate connection. When first grabbing a headphone, the plastic looks disappointingly cheap. Despite its strength and light weight, the overall quality looks like it could be higher for a $ 150 headphone.

Thankfully, the detachable microphone is much better in this regard. It snaps neatly into place on the left ear, and feels strong and flexible when repositioned. We had no problem using the microphone in the intended USB format, capturing strong sound and no crackling or interruption during our test.

However, when you switch things up and choose to use the included chat cable, the quality of the product drops a bit again. The connection of the 3.5 mm cable to the volume control panel appears loose, and twisting may cause crackling of the microphone. This setting will likely be used with mobile devices or console controllers, but it doesn’t help that the volume control panel itself generally feels low-quality.


Wearing the headset for the first time reveals its best design feature: comfort. Meters Music Level Up Headset features two soft leather earpads that are extremely comfortable even for long gaming sessions. Although the choice of fabric materials for those who prefer it (myself included) would have been awesome, these are some of the softest materials I’ve used in this price range. A leatherette setting can create a warm environment inside the mugs, but that is not something a quick adjustment cannot solve.

Meters Music gaming headset

As mentioned earlier, the weight of a headset goes a long way in creating a comfortable product, too. While the touch of 11 ounces feels heavy on paper, the Level Up headset really doesn’t feel like it. There is a large distribution of weight here, even with the microphone and cables plugged into one ear. We did not encounter any problems with the group during the long gaming sessions.


When it comes to sound quality, Level Up has an identity crisis. The overall sound is at a good level, when used with a virtual stereo or 7.1 audio using a USB connection. However, I would argue that listening to music sounds better than playing games. There is an emphasis on strong bass levels here, which are more suitable for playing music. The altitudes frequently tested in games can become slightly distorted at higher levels, and this is evident when playing shooters like Call of Duty: War Zone. The overall sound is solid, but we would have liked the more emphasis on sound quality while playing games.

On the microphone side of things, it’s a bog normal thing. This is a powerful microphone for gaming when chatting with friends online. However, it is not loud and clear enough for broadcast and liked it. The microphone is detachable, but you can’t completely rotate it while plugged in to quickly get it out of the way. The quality is much better in USB mode too, and we don’t recommend using it with the included 3.5mm chat cable.

One of the features that can help alleviate these issues is Meters Music Level Up. We have installed The highest level of virtual environment He played around, but very limited. Not only does this program allow the user to adjust volume levels and microphone settings, but it is also a way to enable the default surround sound setting for a headphone. The problem is that the program is not that easy to navigate and the settings we changed left the audio in a similar state. Note, however, to install the program, you must extract the entire zip folder first.

Bonus features

There are some other extra features included as well. Some are more successful than others. The included 3.5mm chat cable provides significantly worse audio quality than the USB option. This is for both microphone input and audio output, but that’s not a real problem for PC use. Another unique selling point is the volume unit which is somewhat similar to an old school speedometer on each earbud. They display volume levels in real time, but we love the look of the dial more than its function. The audio unit only works on PC via USB as well, so if you use it on consoles or mobile phone, you won’t be able to use the feature.

Meters Music Level Up headphone

The audio unit has one of the other striking features of a headphone. Each earpiece has an RGB lighting panel, and the color can be selected with a simple push of a button on the volume control panel. There are eight settings to choose from: red, green, blue, yellow, turquoise, pink, and white and an option that quickly scrolls through all of the color options. This is a novelty yes, especially for the wearer, but it makes the Level Up headphone stand out from the package.


All in all, Meters Music’s first gaming headset is a decent start, even if things don’t converge in a lot of areas. The headset’s unique features are more modern than anything else, and distorted heights and low-quality plastic spoil the product somewhat. However, there is solid general sound quality and an incredibly comfortable setting here, and the Level Up headphone is a good choice if you plan to use it as much for music as you use in games.

The Meters Music Level Up looks like a pair of music-focused headphones that’s been turned into a headphone, more like a gaming accessory from the ground up. This is understandable given the company’s pedigree, and gaming-tracking products should try to address these issues. In the future, we’d like to see Meters Music offer a more gaming-focused headphone.

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