Age of Water for PC was announced with Alpha recordings now available

publisher Jaegen Entertainment And developer Three Whales Studio has announced their upcoming date MMO Age of water. Alongside the game, a subscription to the Alpha test of the game was announced, and it is currently in progress.

Age of water It occurs in prof Another apocalyptic Water world. The ocean has been engulfed by a once-thriving civilization, and only a few have survived this tragic event. Those who remained must work alone or with other survivors to resettle in the New World.

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As a game based on SurvivalThis is a vital part of the experience. Players will have to explore the waters around them to discover water cities and anything else that might aid them on their journey. Through exploration, players will collect unique food and resources, find weapons and ancient relics, as well as trade with other survivors.

The game contains the powerful technologies of the ancient world, such as ships and firearms, as well as the new primitive lifestyle that the world has taken refuge in. The world is no longer safe, and only the strongest will survive. Players can design and build warships to fight for lands and seize scarce resources.

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population Age of water Living in cities built on top of all structures that remain stable after a terrible event. It includes skyscraper roofs and gigantic statues. Players will have a motorboat to travel to meet close friends or to explore the vicinity.

The game also raises the “mythical land” that might exist. It is up to players to create powerful warships that can survive attacks by pirates or other players and search for this potential haven.

Alpha subscriptions are available on the official website now. Players will have to describe the way they play, from singles to team, and then answer how many others might join as well.

From there, the model asks if the player has had a trial run of testing any other games. This is not required to join, but the developer may want to choose from a pool of experienced and novice testers. Beta testing is an important part of development, so dedicated players reporting feedback is vital.

The beta is only available for computers at this time. The developer will also ask the interested beta tester system information, along with some other questions. An account will be required to log in and play.

Age of water Developed as part of the Gaijin inCubator title. The title will be available on PC through the platform.

The announced alpha test is the first. If players are unable to test it this time, there may be additional opportunities in the future.

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Age of water On the PC via in the near future. The exact date is unknown.

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