The latest dead end is now available on consoles

Another dead end It is a horror game with a look at it The bowler And the elements of survival. It was originally released on PC in 2018, with gamers receiving it overall positively.

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First person photos do a great job immersing you in an ancient city teeming with evil. There is also a third person, and it’s very unique because there aren’t a lot of games that include both. Both options give the game a lot of variety in the visuals section.

You don’t have all the answers when you start your journey as protagonist Farhad Novruzov, adding to the tension as you explore historically inspiring streets and not know what you are about to discover around the corner.

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Two years after it first launched on PC, it is now available on consoles including Xbox One. PS4And and Nintendo Switch. So if you don’t play games on a PC and are looking for this particular title, you are in luck.

It’s a pretty solid show as far as survival and horror games go. The developer AzDimension definitely made it stand out for the enemy’s choice. You have a regular variety, but then you have bosses inspired by famous creatures – including werewolves, trolls, and ghosts.

This combination always keeps you on your toes as it leaves you trying to discover each of its weaknesses. These boss fights provide a great deal of satisfaction with each victory and their defeat taking you one step closer to uncovering the truth surrounding this mysterious old town that you once called home.

at Another dead endYou also have a lot of things to discover. You can rotate objects when looking for guides and reading snippets of information from articles and books.

This gives you plenty of opportunities to piece together this sinister puzzle that you now find yourself grappling with after returning home after many years. It is possible that ancient debt is the source of this evil and you will have to figure out how to put the genie back in the bottle so to speak.

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You won’t find much horror Games like Another dead end So if you are out of games to play on your console, it might be worth looking into. You will come across some cool beasts and historical settings, which is for sure. Just be ready to attack because the game throws you a lot during your adventures around some beautiful structures and families.

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