Genshin Impact Zhongli enthusiasts will keep coming to get the right character

Free-to-play open world RPG Jinshin effect It is one of the biggest hits of 2020. Since its release, the developers have done a great job in making sure that the most valuable characters – those in the five-star set – are worth having. Given how hard it is to roll naturally, and most players just end up with the game’s pity system, it would be tough to pull off a five-star character, which … sucks well.

That’s even poor Oli ‘Zhongli. As one of the latest additions to the game, Zhongli is a five-star character who has been … to say the least. The miHoYo team works Jinshin effect she has Already admit Zhongli issues and committed an important fandom for the character. After updating my news today on the main website of the game, it looks like these changes will go further.

In the news update, miHoYo acknowledges several major sticking points affecting Zhongli’s lack of viability. First, he is a very vulnerable support character, especially in a cooperative. Second, the other Geo-based support characters are more worthy of attention than Zhongli. Almost every other support person who relies on geographic location brings more to the team. Finally, if your single player mode party doesn’t have a lot of Geo-compatible characters, it isn’t even worth joining your team.

Zhongli Buff

Upgrades in all areas

To help remedy this, miHoYo makes a big change to Zhongli’s Elemental “Dominus Lapidis” (Variation Hold) skill. All enemies within a character’s range protected by a Jade Shield will reduce their initial and physical resistances by 20%. This effect will not build up. It should make him more valuable in solo play and cooperation, whether or not he’s in a geography-based party.

This is in addition to previous capacity adjustments. These previous amendments include several revisions. If the maximum number of stone slabs has not yet been reached, a new stone stele will be constructed. Also, the Physical Damage and Elemental Damage absorption values ​​will be adjusted from 250% to 150%. This new change will be included in an update for Test Server version 1.3 today, December 29, 2020. You can find it Full news update On all Zhongli aficionados at the official level Jinshin effect Site.

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