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What is the best RIMMORLD mod? Rimold Colony Management game With a very simple premise – you must ensure the survival of a group of colonists, each with their own randomly generated skills, backstories, and idiosyncrasies. Depending on the settings of the AI ​​storyteller, your experience may fall anywhere between “Nafi” Sim of farmingAnd a “relentless series of disasters.”

There are tons of Rimworld mods available to add additions and quality-of-life mods to your gameplay offerings. Some of them are basic improvements that allow you to better organize your colony or become more efficient, some of them add completely new mechanisms like hygiene and children, and there are a few that completely transform the game by adding magic or exploring space.

We recommend trying the mod-free experience first, gradually adding modifications once you put a couple of Vanilla Rimworld colonies under your belt, and moving emotionally from the harrowing tales that have arisen from your adventures. Like that time, one of the sick colonists died, and your doctor immediately fed his body to the other patient, or when everyone got food poisoned on a cross-country trip, and the only upright colonist, who had sworn not to do any violence, was plundered to death by a squirrel crazy.


These are Rimworld’s best tweaks:

  • EDB prepare carefully
  • Colony manager
  • Realistic rooms
  • Interaction bubbles
  • Common sense
  • Pharmacist
  • Wall lighting
  • Grim reality
  • Dubs Break Mod
  • pick up!
  • RF Rationalistic Romance
  • Call it bad Hygeine
  • Children, school and learning
  • Save our ship 2
  • Vanilla expander
  • A world of magic
  • The fight was extended

How to install Remorld mod

The vast majority of Rimworld mods are available from Steam Workshop, so they can be added to your game with a simple click of a button. However, many of the more complex mods require you to install harmony and sometimes Hugslib, Which are two libraries that provide functionality for your edits.

Your mods must be uploaded in a specific order, and library mods must be loaded before the main game itself, but as of the Rimworld 1.1 update, there is an auto-sort option to set them in the correct order.

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Some of these mods will allow you to keep running pre-existing saves, but most of them recommend starting a new file. Most of these mods are compatible with the latest version of Rimworld, but a few are still waiting for updates; They still deserve to be included, although it might work anyway, if you’re lucky.

Here is our list of the best Rimworld 1.2 mods:

EDB prepare carefully

Have you spent too long refreshing your squad of strangers, looking for someone who knows not to hold a knife with a pointed end, or who is able to slap a bandage on someone but won’t threaten to burn your colony? EDB prepare carefully It allows you to tweak your colonists and initials to create the perfect start – there’s also an optional point limit to prevent you from creating unfairly gifted colonists.

Colony manager

Flavy Colony manager It allows you to appoint a manager who automatically assigns jobs to the colonists in order to keep the colony full of wood and meat, and to manage your livestock. This means you no longer need to monitor dwindling supplies, as they will be mobilized as soon as possible. However, in order to use this mode, you’ll need to start a new save, as it adds a new action type to the game.

Realistic rooms

Colonists have largely unreasonable expectations for the size of their rooms, given that they are trying to survive a landing accident rather than choosing an AirBnB.

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Realistic rooms It makes the required room sizes more in touch with reality, making it easy to create compact bases without disturbing your flirty pawns. It’s also compatible with the game.

Interaction bubbles

Colonists constantly tell each other all sorts of weird and wonderful things – which you will likely miss, unless you constantly check your social record. Thanks Jaxe Interaction bubbles, These pranks and questions will automatically appear to the colonists when they speak, so you will never miss an interaction again. It can be added or removed at any time without breaking the save files.

Common sense

Sometimes, the colonialists aren’t that smart. They won’t pull all the ingredients they need at once, or they’ll cook food in a dirty room – but with Common senseTheir behavior is a little more than that, okay, reasonable. It is safe to install or uninstall mid-game.


Flavy Pharmacist The adjustment allows you to choose the maximum drug level that will be used at each injury level – so that your high-quality drugs aren’t wasted on a bruise. You can also customize by patient type, allowing you to choose not to take care of prisoners unless their lives are in danger.

Wall lighting

It is a light shining on the wall. It looks simple, but incredibly useful – elegant and unpretentious, Wall lighting It can be placed anywhere on the wall, eliminating the need for ugly lamps that take up space. You can also search for “colored lights” and turn your colony into a blazing nightclub.

Grim reality

It’s a tough life in Rim, but in Vanilla Rimworld, even as the colonists fight for their survival, their moods and opinions deteriorate dramatically if it rains while they are a little hungry, or if they’ve just experienced being rejected by the same person emotionally for the fifteenth time in a row. . Yes, this super intelligent doctor may have just saved their lives and then cooked for them a nice dinner of caribou and rice, but the colonists will still throw them verbal abuse because their face is a little rattled.

Grim reality It brings a dose of realism to your little pawns, minimizing the impact of tiny imperfections, while increasing the impact of truly horrific events.

Dubs Break Mod

Dubs Break Mod Very clear – in order to cause a mental break, a pawn needs at least one reflection -20; This means no more stabbing attacks that start due to a series of minor inconveniences.

pick up!

pick up! When you are your pawns Act Go on a stabbing run – your guards will try to contemplate and calm them down. Friends don’t allow friends to set fire to each other.

RF Rationalistic Romance

Two words do not usually coincide, Rational romance It is a comprehensive overhaul of Rimworld’s romance system, adding sexual orientation, improving romantic behavior, and adding new traits and activities to the game. Although the original creator of the mod has discontinued its update, fans have created a version compatible with Rimworld 1.2.

Describes poor hygiene

The one thing the Rimworld experience is lacking – toilets. Describes poor hygiene Adds a system of hygiene to the game. You will need to establish the sewage and plumbing infrastructure to keep the colonists clean and free of waste. The mod also adds irrigation systems, hot tubs and central heating. It can be added to an existing save, but it cannot be removed easily once added.

Children, school and learning

Dylan Children, school and learning The Mod adds load and kids to the game, although luckily they somehow appear to be full-on teens, which is something we encourage you to avoid shooting in your head. The positive side is that kids are helpful right away. You can build blackboards and school tables where colonists teach children skills – but they are only able to learn for one year before they become adults.

Save our ship 2

The goal of Vanilla Rimworld is to build a ship and make it off the planet – but Save our ship Dramatically expands from mid-game to late by letting you pilot this ship yourself. You can store colonists and items on your ship and travel to faraway worlds, leaving your colonies in the hands of allied factions – but you can always come back and visit.

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As you orbit a planet, you’ll come across other ships – some are friendlier than others. You can even take your pets with you by building “sleeping creatures” capsules.

Vanilla expander

The Extended Vanilla Collection It is a huge collection of mods that expand the game in several new directions, but carefully balanced. Since they’re all made by the same team, they’re guaranteed to work together seamlessly – and together they add tons of new content, including texture mods, more furniture and armor, expanded weapons, more animals, improved cooking, fishing, plants, species, and books.

A world of magic

A world of magic Combat is completely repaired by introducing 12 magic classes and six fighter classes to the game, each with its own abilities and development trees. There is also a host of new outfits, new equipment options and events. While playing with magic is so much fun, some users warn that it’s pretty much overpowered – although you can tweak some settings on your own in the game to take back more of the challenge.

The fight was extended

The fight was extended Completely change the Rimworld combat system, rebalancing armor and armor, casualties, melee combat and projectile. The disappointing percentage-based shooting system has completely disappeared, and has been replaced by a ballistic model. It’s a definite upgrade across the board – with the only caveat it requires a new save, it can’t be removed from save, and it doesn’t play well with other mods.

These are the best Rimworld tweaks we’ve found – time to stack your digital billboard aloft with all of them at once and then try to figure out why your game won’t load. We recommend testing a few at a time as it’s almost certain that not all of them are compatible. For more mod adventures, we have also collected a The best Skyrim mod And the The best Sims 4 mods.

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