Turtoa: Global Rhythm is a unique rhythm game themed with Water World

From Singapore-based gaming studio Sillysoft, comes a new music experience mixed with an aquatic world. This unique address is heading to steam In 2021, but the game is already available on iOS and Android devices. Enjoy an exotic rhythm game experience as you traverse a world of aquatic beauty.

Enter the land of music from turtles, dragons and music. It’s a unique world that puts the rhythm of pulsating music within the player’s reach. Explore the rhythm and watch the story slowly evolve adding new characters. This is a challenging, skill and peaceful meditation game.

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Players can enter in Turtoa: universal rhythm And play strange songs from around the world using Strange cast of sea creatures. This is a game full of rhythm, heart and soul as the developers have carefully tried to preserve a unique mix of culture, science and marine life.

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The music contains hours of real work by artists like DJ Drez, David Charrier, Burning Babylon, Kaissa, Yumi Kurosawa, and many others. This wide group of musicians brings you Real world music Feel the nice simple gameplay system.

Each level was created by developers. There are no auto-generated music, game modes, or content because everything is handcrafted with care.

For a quieter gaming experience, players can enjoy the unique casual mode that provides a somewhat meditative environment. For a more competitive touch, Explore the global leaderboards Fight friends, strangers, and whatever else wants to try this unique title.

This game contains a moderate friendly environment that invites players to craft their maps, songs, and more. Users’ ability to create content expands the possibilities of this game and the limits marine life can pass through on waves of rhythmic perfection.

Part of the whole Profits are donated from this address To the marine turtle sanctuary. This is the oldest sea turtle research and conservation group with many years of experience helping marine life for a better life.

The colorful environment of this game, its delicate design, and the soothing music make it an ideal game for players of all ages. K cell phone The title, it could easily be a learning tool for young players as it focuses on rhythms and many other important developmental aspects.

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Turtoa: universal rhythm Available on iOS and Android devices. The game will see Steam launch fully early next year, but until then it will be an exclusive mobile experience.

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