The Genshin Effect: Violet cultivation sites in Qiqi and Xinyan regions

Violet plantation sites guide Jinshin effectVioletgrass is a climbing material used by Qiqi and Xinyan and is found throughout the Liyue District of Genshin Impact. Here is our guide to help you. Note: For more information, check out our Genshin Impact guide and Feature Center. Genshin Impact Evidence: Violet Cultivation Sites in Qiqi and Xinyan I have divided this guide into two parts due to the wide expanse of Liyue District in Genshin Impact: Northern District – Wuwang Hill, Mingyun Village, Huaguang Stone Forest, Sal Terrae and Wangshu Inn Southern District – Kuiju Slope, Lingo Pass, Juyun Stone Forest, Liu Port

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