The best Pelington 703 Warzone gear

Want the best Pelington gear in Warzone? As one of the new Call of Duty Cold War Guns The Pelington 703 was introduced to the Warzone, a sniper rifle, with Best War Zone Gear The options set, can be totally devastating in the right hand. Is it The best sniper rifle of the war zone Abroad? Maybe not, but it does pack a punch.

The Pelington 703 has a high bullet speed and aims to reduce the speed of sight, and since it is able to shoot down an armored opponent with a single shot to the head, good travel time means that landing with this lethal shot is much easier. Like the Kar98k and SP-R 208, this is the pocket sniper best used for landing shots, so you must be confident in your target if you want to get the best out of it.

It could be a decent alternative to X-50 If you are looking for something a little faster. So to ensure your shots have the best chance to take out your target, here are the best Pelington 703 Warzone Download for Call of Duty Battle royale game.

The best of Warzone Pelington 703 Gear

Warzone Pelington’s best gear is:

  • 26.5 ‘Team Tiger
  • Raider board
  • Infiltrator fist
  • Fast loader
  • Airborne flexible wrap

You might be wondering why we chose not to use a muzzle, as both options in the Warzone region significantly reduce the bullet velocity of Cold War snipers. None of the other muzzle accessories help us in useful ways, so there is no need for them. You can use the .308 Stabilizer if you really want to increase accuracy, but that’s not necessary for build. We also don’t recommend you take a laser because without the Tac Laser as an option, there’s no buff available for these sniper vital stats: they aim to reduce the speed of vision.

Among the two barrel options, you have a choice between the 27.2 “Combat Recon or the 26.5” Tiger Team. Both increase bullet velocity, and the 27.2-inch Combat Recon gives a small range boost. However, although Team Tiger had some major flaws in ammunition ability, the reload speed, rate of fire, and damage potential are too good to be ignored. Plus, if you’ve got a good enough shot, ammo capacity shouldn’t be a huge factor to consider.

It will take some grinding, but you want to take the Raider Pad stock to boost the speed for fast and easy shooting. Hip Fire’s accuracy drops for the Raider Pad, but that’s not a huge loss unless you are a fast pro.

On the Underbarrel slot, you really can’t go wrong with an intruder grip. This increases some key navigation stats, such as movement speed, firing speed, and gait movement speed. This is especially key to sniping while bombing. The Fast Loader magazine helps with reload speeds without giving the Pelington 703 any major downsides, so it’s worth it.

Most importantly is what you outfit with the back handle, and here we don’t think there’s a better option than the Airborne Elastic Wrap. It reduces aiming time and gives bonuses for undermining resistance and steering while prone, to the detriment of some firing speed and firing time.

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