The best games to play during Christmas

Christmas, at its core, is a time to catch up. Every year, people spend time with family and get the latest updates about friends’ lives. On the other hand, we PC gamers have something more important to do in the process of de-harming those many hours of light poisoning: we have a pile of shame that needs to be addressed.

It gets harder to overcome every year: burdened by the existential need to eat, sleep and work, and promising games inevitably disappear by the wayside. As the games go on and turn into full “services”, we are increasingly encouraged to play fewer games, but each for longer. Nobody tells us where the extra hours are supposed to come from.

Christmas, then, is an important time for gamers. Every year, on Special Jesus Day, we can pretend to ourselves that we can get over the pile of games we’ve picked out on many Steam sales, just to stay aloof. The following are the games that you should consider freeing yourself from digital sanitizer this holiday season.

Viking on top of a mountain peak overlooking snowy vistas

Assassins Creed Valhalla

The latest addition to the Assassin’s Creed series sees you traverse the landscape of 9th-century England, and it was released in one form or another just in time for the Christmas season. Whether you want to spend time building your settlement, Fight legendary animals, tries to A group of romantic characters, Or search for Thor’s hammer – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has something for everyone.

This epic Open world game It has enough content to get you going during the holidays and enough snow and winter areas to explore. So instead of heading outside in December, relax inside with a hot drink and feel relaxed and cheerful. Our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla review It gives you an excellent summary of what you can expect from the game, so if you’re still on the fence, be sure to check it out.

A man with a drink bottle

Yakuza: Like a dragon

If you need to have a good laugh during the holidays, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the game for you. In this RPG, you can explore ultra-realistic Japanese locations, such as Yokohama and Osaka, while completing unique dungeons and completely immersing yourself in a warm, twisted story.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon also has a huge list of mini-games to keep you busy for short periods of time. An arcade full version of the Virtua Fighter 5 is included; The small Mario Kart Esk game that sees you riding cartoon carts on the streets of Yokohama with gatling guns and rocket launchers. If these features don’t tempt you, you can also try to help the main character stay awake during the movie or go to the Pachinko Machines.

Snow Christmas level in Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2

a Cooperative game Which could make or break up a family depending on how competitive you are all. Overcooked 2 has a two to four-player sofa co-op mode that requires serious teamwork to bake, boil, chop, and fry for impatient diners. Don’t be surprised if you end up yelling mutilated and food-based insults at your fellow players who are not lifting their weight in the kitchen. There are also some great Christmas themed levels, so put on your Santa hats and head back to the kitchen.

Colorful Christmas level in Fall Guys

Fall guys

More competitive fun, but luckily in this title, you don’t need to track down three friends or family members to enjoy the game. this is Battle royale game Pits 40-60 players against each other in tons of challenges that will have you jumping through hoops, stealing other player’s tails, and scoring goals with huge footballs.

Fall Guys Season 3 fully embraces the holiday season and includes Christmassy costumes, winter levels, and more, a lot From snow.

Snow scene in Overwatch

Note and observe

Go online with a file FPS game This really knows how to get into the Christmas spirit. Overwatch Winter Wonderland introduces new co-op modes, festive outfits for your favorite character, and snow map themes, all with the gameplay elements you know and love from the original title.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Okay, so you might have to settle for chicken rather than turkey on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – or let’s be honest, almost none at all – but there’s still a better way to celebrate Christmas than hiding in the shadows until the bitterness of the end. Add some sherry to the equation and this Christmas Day is tidy, honestly.

There you have it, some new and old Christmas games for you to enjoy during the holidays. If you are looking for games that have some covered in snow Christmas levels, We can help with that too.

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