Crabshot: Very Merry Christmas

Santa vs Santa in Mogene

From 2010 to 2014 Richard Cobbett Crapshoot wrote a column about rolling the dice to bring back random, mysterious games to life. This week, have you ever wanted to see Santa fighting GLaDOS? Of course you have! And this is just one of the informal quarrels you can arrange with MUGEN.

Twas the night before Christmas, it’s all about the grid
At least a few of the writers weren’t completely desperate. distance.
They rejected the cliché, calling for something too corny
Like giving this old poem a million rewriting …

Santa thought: “Oh, idiot,” it fits in the mood.
And ignoring Christmas seems a little rude.
But where are the games that celebrate the season?
There was hardly any! There must be a reason … ”

He added, “Of course, there is always a little.
Like Rodents of Holiday and Elf Bowling 2.
But most of them are bad, and very few of them make a spray
And let’s just forget those created with Flash. “

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