PUBG Mobile India: launch date, what’s new and how to play

PUBG cell phone It is one of the most played mobile video games all over the world. India was one of its largest markets, until the game was banned by the government under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. The ban stated that the app was involved in activities affecting the sovereignty, safety, defense and security of the country. Since then, a lot has happened, as PUBG Corporation has restored the license from Tencent Games to distribute the game in India, and is itself trying to re-launch a specific version of the game for a specific country. Also read – YouTubers Who Can Be Punished For Streaming PUBG Mobile KR In India: MeitY

Here we will take a look at everything we know about PUBG Mobile’s return to India. Also read – PUBG Mobile to TikTok: See all apps blocked in India this year

When will PUBG Mobile India be launched?

Several RTI requests have been submitted to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), In which people asked about a case PUBG Mobile Indiarelease. The response was that the ministry would first need to fully review the implementation and analyze its policies. If the game follows all the Indian government rules and regulations then the game will then be finally provided with the signal to re-launch it within the country. Also read – finally! Good news for players awaiting the PUBG Mobile India relaunch

As of now, there is no specific date provided by the company regarding when the game will be launched in the country. However, multiple reports indicate this PUBG Corporation. Looking forward to launching the new version in March 2021.

What is PUBG Corporation up to for India?

PUBG Corporation announced that it will provide Indian players with a “safe and healthy in-game playing environment”. He will ensure that privacy and security of all Indian players’ data is his top priority. Apart from that, the company will also conduct “regular audits and checks on the storage systems that hold the personally identifiable information of Indian users to enhance security and make sure their data is safely managed”.

The company has already recruited an Indian team that will be working in the country to expand the game’s presence. Crafton will invest a total of $ 100 million in India to create an Indian base, and to conduct competitions for Indian players.

PUBG Mobile India will be a game dedicated to the Indian market, with specific changes to the user interface, in a similar fashion to the Chinese version of the game. The changes will represent local needs according to the company, such as holding matches in a virtual simulation training ground, and all characters will be dressed from scratch and there will be green hit effects instead of red.

Can you play PUBG in India today?

Many people follow illegal methods of use VPN Services And play PUBG Mobile KR or global servers on the rest of the world. This is not recommended It can have dire consequences.

However, there is an official and legal way to play the game in India. You can get PUBG PC or PUBG versions of the game as they are still available in India and the government has not banned them. But keep in mind that they are both premium versions.

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