How Infinity Ward found its way through the no-man’s land

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There were two Infiniti wings. First to Invent Call of Duty; The second saved her from diminishing returns. In the middle was a catastrophic event in game development, an event that took place in public places that left a world-famous studio that changed forever.

The point of origin in Call of Duty, when you get there, was actually Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. While the Infinity Ward team is still sponsored by a company called 2015 Games, they created a new paradigm for first-person shooters. Where the previous decade’s FPS heroes were unstoppable steam trains firing rods, Allied Assault’s Lt Mike Powell was an alarmingly humorist – all very vulnerable to machine-gun and mortar nests, which seemed to tear the air in two.

A group of Call of Duty Soldiers

(Photo credit: Activision)

That sentiment only doubled for the first Call of Duty game – it released amazingly only the following year. Its quintessential moment, snatched directly from the enemy at the gates, saw your Russian hero armed only with a strip of Mosin Nagant ammunition, commanding a pistol from the condemned comrade’s hands in front of him cold. During a campaign marked by ears banging and crawling through the mud, stupid luck has played as big a role in your continued survival and promotion as a player’s skill. Infinity Ward balanced this Infernal Lucky Game with a grim tone and sense of nobility inherited from Spielberg, the original architect of the Medal of Honor.

Changing faces

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