Albedo guide – weapons, artifacts and talents

Albedo is the latest five-star character to join Jinshin effectIn the list Version 1.2 update. You can get it if you’re lucky enough with a Wish / gacha checkout. Here’s our guide to help you use Albedo weapons, artifacts, and talent.

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Jinshin effect Evidence: Albedo weapons, artifacts, and talent

Albedo weapon: cravings

Source: The Chalk Prince and the Dragon event.

The Burning desire It can be easily acquired through an event. You don’t even need to spend the preliminary things or learn about predestination while praying for RNG.

Fluctuating Desire greatly enhances the damage and criticism essential to the user’s skill. Since Albedo’s primary skill, Solar Isotoma, has a short lag period, you’ll be using it a lot anyway. Likewise, the weapon has innate rewards (XP and Damage) during the event. Moreover, Pure Dragon Frizzy from Event challenges Allow you to hone weapon to improve its capabilities.

Weapon talents Jinshin guide Albedo effect 1

Artifact Sets: 2x Antique Petra and 2x Noblesse Oblige

Sources: Both groups of artifacts come from Abyssal Domains. Ancient Petra comes from the Guyon Range and Noblesse Oblige from Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern. Focus on stats – Attack Bonus,% Attack, and Geo damage bonus.

Ancient Petra greatly strengthens the geographical damage of Albedo. Meanwhile, Noblesse Oblige improves the damage inflicted by his elemental blast, Offspring Ritual: Tectonic Tide. Its thrust detonates very low and it charges very quickly as well.

Weapon talents Jinshin guide Albedo effect 2

Talent priority: Solar Equals and Offspring Rituals: Tectonic Tide

You’ll want to level up both talents equally (or prioritize the initial outburst). As mentioned earlier, both abilities have high uptime which means you will blow your opponents often.

For talent leveling materials you have Ballad books (from the Forsaken Rift domain every Wednesday and Saturday) and manuscripts (from hilichurl shamans).

Weapon talents Jinshin guide Albedo effect 3

Character Rise Articles

  • Scrolls – shot down by shaman hilichurl.
  • Pritiva Topaz – shot down by the geographic elite. Purchased at a souvenir store; The higher level versions can be made by NPC chemist.
  • Basalt Column – shot down by the geographic elite.
  • Cecilia – you can see the sites marked Jinshin effectMap below:

Gen pct alb wep tl atf 1

Jinshin effect: Albedo Summary

Players might feel anxious yet Zhongli disaster. However, I found Albedo as a great 5-star addition to Jinshin effectList. He can act as a streaming DPS character thanks to his refreshing capabilities with amazing speed. Plus, Tectonic Tide deals massive damage if solar symmetry is already in the field (just remember Tectonic Tide only damages the enemies in front of it).

For its supporting capabilities, its solar symmetry has a wide radius, which means that the shield is easy to generate. You can even send it and then switch to another character because the effect will last for several seconds. Moreover, you can stand the flower spawning until it hovers, allowing you to perform a diving attack.

Gen pct alb wep tl atf

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