Square Enix ditched FF7 Crisis Core to PSP, so these fans are making the HD remodel themselves

Final Fantasy 7 was a big deal in 1997 as it was the first Final Fantasy game to gain PC port in the West. It has been ported to all kinds of platforms since then, PC one more time, And remake it (i.e. We hope to see it on PC in 2021). To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Square Enix made a host of sequels and spin-offs, including a mobile game, the Advent Children movie, weird third-person shooting, and RPG games for the PSP. This last game, Crisis Core, was the best reception out of the group: it starred Zack, the sweet guy whose identity cloud has been stolen, swinging around Buster’s sword in a game that looked ridiculously good for PSPs. Thirteen years later and a massive new version of FF7, Square Enix Crisis Core remains untouched, leaving it lingering in mystery. So some depositors decided to give it HD remaster processing themselves.

It was nice to have something I look forward to doing at home to take my mind off questions like “I wonder if I’ve been exposed to the virus today?”

“I saw it as an opportunity to teach myself a new skill and enjoy myself during the coronavirus lockdown,” says Evan Cowles, who has spent the past nine months working on it. FF7 Crisis Core Upscale in his free time. Qualls works in telecom sales and has continued to be a “staple” throughout the year.

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