PC Invasion’s Most Anticipated Games of 2021 – Jason’s Picks

We’ve seen loads of games that succeed and fail in 2020. However, as the year draws to a close, it is time to look forward to what 2021 can bring.

Of the promise of one million sets of benefits in the human nature For a magical adventure in Hogwarts LegacyThere are a lot of things that make you passionate about it. Here are my most anticipated PC games coming out in 2021.

Fight 3

The customer has had 47 long and arduous ways over the years. Still, since 2016 with Assassin And as the beginning of the World of Assassination trilogy, the franchise made a step again. With the future Fight 3At the conclusion of the trilogy itself, we might see the best the franchise has to offer.

It features massive levels depicting real-world locations and numerous ways to defeat your target, Fight 3 He looks to provide opportunities to be creative (and a killer). Even better, those who have Assassin And the Hitman 2 He will be able to import levels from those games. On top of that, we don’t have to wait that long Fight 3 Will be released On January 20, 2021.

2021 Hogwarts Legacy, Darkhead, Mankind and Blood Races 2 Jason 5 picks

the human nature

Amplitude Studios the human nature Its greatest thing. It is a 4X strategy game where you guide your chosen faction of humble origins towards a bright future. Like what we’ve seen in our history, the human nature It will house a mixture of cultures, which ultimately creates a unique mix of perks and reinforcements that make your faction truly unique. In fact, it boasts a million combinations, although the feasibility has yet to be seen.

I was lucky enough to be tested the human nature Back in August when OpenDev scenarios It’s become available (and I’ll try new scenarios soon, too). I must say that I am deeply fascinated by the concept and am keen to see if Amplitude Studios can deliver it.

Grode 21 choices 1

Legendary version of Mass Effect

From the dawn of our people on the human nature To explore the great unknown, there’s another show (or trilogy) that he’s excited about Legendary version of Mass Effect. This abstract contains the original Mass effect Trilogy, one where you direct Commander Sheppard and the gang as they battle the Rippers threat.

Why am I excited about this? Well that’s because Legendary version of Mass Effect It re-masters the first three games, with visual enhancements and 4K support. distance Cyberpunk 2077 ′Visuals Wow meI’m eager for another sci-fi movie that makes the most of my Nvidia RTX 3080 card.

Grod 21 pics 2

Hogwarts Legacy

I turn into an absolute fool when it comes to so many things: gaming, professional wrestling, history, and of course, Harry Potter. The wizarding world, full of dazzling magic and powerful enemies, kept readers really busy no matter their age.

Although we’ve seen games set in the Harry Potter universe, we’ve mostly tried those that follow a strict (book-based) narration. as such, Hogwarts Legacy, And it’s an open-world adventure game set in the nineteenth century, it just might be something that can really capture our imaginations.

2021 Hogwarts Legacy, Darkhead, Mankind, and Blood Races games 2 Jason picks 1

Dark Pictures Anthology: House of the Ashes

My wife and I are fans of horror flicks and games, and Supermassive Games shows tend to be favorites too. It’s practically over Until dawn Several times just to see all possible results. Our enjoyment of this game extended the “Choose Your Own Adventure” mode to Dark photo selections With addresses like Field man And the Little hope. With lively fast-time events, irreversible deaths, and numerous options to determine the characters’ fate, these games kept us on the edge of our seats (and also helped us out in the Movie Night cooperative).

Come on in 2021, we’ll have another entry called Ash House It was already detected in nobody Little hope‘s Obsessions. Ash House Set in the Arabian desert, there seem to be themes related to demons and so on (see the statue of Pazuzu).

Vampire: Disguise – Blood Races 2

A little gothic horror never hurts anyone (well, unless you bite them and drain their blood). This brings us to Vampire: Disguise – Blood Races 2. This is a 2004 sequel Blood strains The game makes me hypnotize another thought World of darkness RPG. After all, if the original Blood strains It taught us anything, it defined role-playing to some extent until it became a cult classic. I mean, who can forget playing like a royal and the apparent madness that affects your character’s interactions and dialogue?

With Vampire: Disguise – Blood Races 2These concepts survive (uh, the undead) for a new generation. We hope to see the best ideas from the original with the new additions that are sure to be enjoyed.

2021 Hogwarts Legacy, Darkhead, Mankind, and Blood Races games 2 Jason 2 choices

War Hammer 40000: Darktide

From Fatshark, the maker Firmmented Toys, War Hammer 40000: Darktide It aims to provide deep combat and crazy cooperative action in the pitch darkness of the far future. Indeed, in the bowels of Tertium Cell City, you and a group of players must fend off the attacks of hordes of Chaos henchmen and demons.

I am looking forward to The dark tide Since I definitely enjoyed it Firmmented Toys. After the end Warhammer Fantasy Battles game“ The world (thanks Manfred), like games Firmmented And the Total War: Warhammer I was allowed to I immerse myself in the place. With The dark tide, May we finally see amazing Warhammer 40K A first person action / shooter category above all other games. We hope Fatshark can make something memorable without getting stuck in the end (eg, Firmmented 2: Winds of Magic).

2021 Hogwarts Legacy, Darkhead, Mankind, and Blood Races Games 2 Jason Picks 3

Total War: Warhammer III

I’m walking out on a limb here by expecting we’ll see Total War: Warhammer III 2021. Let’s face it, Creative Assembly has done almost everything to embody the factions in Total War: Warhammer II. We have seen tomb kings and Vampire Coast (The latter even has an original Legendary Lord made from scratch), and Lords Pack contents like The Warden & The Paunch And the Twisted and twilight.

As such, it goes without saying that the only thing left is the culmination of the studio’s work: completing the trilogy. It’s the conquest of the Daemons of Chaos, the arrival of chaos dwarves, the brave defense of Kislev (Kislev), and most importantly, Thanquol’s inclusion (Get overdone). If Mortal Empires in the second game is any indication, then Total War: Warhammer III It might give us the biggest campaign map ever Total war A game in history, where we can finally experience The End Times (except for Mannfred’s hoaxes).

2021 Hogwarts Legacy, Darkhead, Mankind, and Blood Races Games 2 Jason Picks 4

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