PC Invasion Games 2021 Most Anticipated – Martynas Picks

If the Earth has not been shattered by giant icy space shots on December 31, signaling a fitting end to 2020, we still have to do some games in 2021. Do I have something to look forward to? Turns out, yeah!

War Hammer 40000: Darktide

While their sins are abundant and EYE: Divine Cybermancy I’ll never forgive me, I still love Streum On Studios’ Warhammer 40.000: Space Hulk – Deathwing. It turns out it’s fun to mow up legions and hordes of weird, disgusting dirt. That’s why I’m looking forward to The dark tide.

FirmmentedBut 40 thousand? Check. Playing poking the Imperial Guard? Check. Shooting traitors, mutants and heretics? Check, check, and check. I can’t wait to use the rifle for possibly the first time since I’ve played Fire warrior. Let’s just hope Fatshark can transfer the Firmmented The dark magic of the distant future.

Vampire: Disguise – Blood Races 2

I did not play Vampire: The Masquerade – Breeds When it first came out, but when it finally did … Boy, that game was a thing. I still remember the “You’re too poor to pay attention” joke from the stock screen. I want to try something like this again.

Harsuit Labs hasn’t tested when it comes to RPG experience, but the studio has healed itself pretty well in the first-person shootout. Bounce backlash of black lighting. Granted, there are far fewer mechanical suits in Vampire: The MasqueradeWho knows how good they are.

the human nature

I would pass by another civilization-Like 4X if not for developer: Amplitude. This group can almost do nothing wrong (except for the “Awakening” DLC content for Endless space 2, Apparently), and they always bring something new to the table.

It’s a bit strange to look at it the human nature As a game that mixes and matches cultures drawn from human history without rhyme or reason – and joyful – when we actually criticize Grandpa civilization To anchor historical determinism. On the other hand, it is the capacitance …


It’s an FPS with style, and it’s at least some kind of RPG that won’t punish me for killing. So, as you know, it basically improved insulting. Deathlope It looks like it will be a puzzler of 10% and a 90% pain as you try to pull all signs of assassination into close range for a quick removal. And I subscribe to that.

Also, more POC representation is that games won’t hurt; The Champions actually look a lot more distinguished than Blandy McBlanderson on a cover Cyberpunk 2077. I am curious to see the fun take on the ring mechanic.


As the reviewer of “Military Games”, I wait to see what Regiments Progress. The Exercises The series was cute enough to start the Cold-War-Gone-Hot-RTS trend (sorry, The world is in conflict), But it was a very miniature arcade game. Armored brigade Bringing back realism to the driving, but it lacks 3D maps and dexterity in controls.

will Regiments Make a union of their strengths? Unlikely. There is not much pressure for “yes, I would like to have less control over my forces” in the RTS domain. On the other hand, AAA Cold War still has the highest production values ​​in years. I’ll see you all in Fulda!

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