The Genshin Effect: Evidence for Peak of Vindagnyr and In The Mountains

Jinshin Effect unlock the peak of the Vindagnyr Domain in the Mountains questThe Peak of Vindagnyr is a deep domain found in Dragonspine. You will be able to unlock it as you complete several missions as part of the Genshin Impact “In the Mountains” quest. Here is our guide to help you. Note: For more information, check out our Genshin Impact guide and Feature Center. The Genshin Effect: Completing “In the Mountains” and Unlocking the Peak of Vindagnyr Due to the nature of the mission, I have divided this guide into multiple parts. The Genshin Impact’s new Dragonspine Zone has many twists, turns and fairways, and is exquisitely designed. Heck, the whole process to unlock Peak of Vindagnyr feels like a really big puzzle. However, you can refer to the pages below to find out where you need help: 1. Starting the mission: “In the mountains” II. Snow Capped Path III. Buried City Suburbs IV. Starglow Cavern V. Top: Skyfrost Nail VI. Peak E Vindagnyr …

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