Fallout 4 console commands and cheats

What fallout console commands are there? Fallout 4 is a game with thousands of systems, all click-and-trigger a buzz that drives the wasteland of Boston. Since you are playing the game on PC, these systems can be easily exploited by typing some things into the game developer console. If you feel like making some tweaks to the way the game runs, or even just “magic” some free items in your inventory with cheats, these Fallout 4 console commands are exactly what you need.

The following Fallout 4 cheats include almost everything: You can turn on god mode, or become actual God by deciding who lives and dies, even without the mighty energy weapon I painstakingly made. And speaking of the laser-powered boom, you can charm those in-game via console commands in Fallout 4 as well.

If you are looking for specific add-ons rather than direct hacks for Bethesda’s Bostonian setup, then you’re sure to find joy in our list. Fallout 4 amendment. But, if it’s Fallout 4 cheats and console commands you’re looking for, this guide has you covered when it comes to how to enter them, and the tweaks you have at your disposal.

How do you enter Fallout 4 commands?

To use the Fallout 4 commands, you’ll need to open the developer console screen. This can be easily done by pressing the tilde key (~), which can be found under the Esc key, and to the left of the 1 key on an American English keyboard. If you are using a British English keyboard, you will need to click on the grave key (`) located in the same place.

When typing console commands, remember that the commands are not case sensitive, so don’t worry about caps locking. You’ll find that many of the commands have a section that says something like <#>. In these cases, neither the <> nor the #. Instead, type the name of the item you want, and proceed by replacing # with the number of items you want.

Here are the best Fallout 4 console commands and cheats by category:

Fallout 4 PC Cheats and console commands

God put
It turns on God Mode, making you invincible. Type the command into the console again to turn it off.

Immortal mode
It turns on Immortal Mode, which allows you to inflict damage, but never die. This can lead to some glitches, such as removing your head and keeping your character alive (albeit with impaired perception due to no eyes).

Do not collide
It stops collision detection. This means you can walk through walls, or even challenge gravity. Type the command into the console again to turn it off.

Set player level
player.setlevel <#>
If you want to override Fallout 4’s leveling system, just use this command to level up your character.

Skill level set
player.modav <#>
Increases a specific skill specified by the specified number.

Show all map settings
Done 1
Mark all locations on the Pip-Boy Map.

Open the door or station
The door or station you are currently targeting opens.

Add an item to inventory
player.additem <معرف العنصر> <#>
Adds specified number of specified item to your inventory. For example, to add 100 caps to your inventory, type: player.additem 0000000F 100

Spawn an item or NPC nearby
It generates the specified item or NPC near your current location.

AI switch
It turns off the AI ​​to NPCs, making them stupid than Gen 1 Synths.

Combat AI Switch
AI stops the enemies fighting, rendering them incapable of attack.

AI detection switch
It stops the AI’s ability to detect you, making stealing or sneaking things as easy as walking.

kill everybody
Kill all
Kills everyone in your immediate area, except for comrades and vital characters.

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Kill someone
Kills the creature or character whose identity was written.

Resurrect someone
Revives the object or character whose ID you have written.

Free roaming camera
To toggle free flying camera on and off allowing you to get some really good points for screenshots. Think of this like putting up a picture of some kind.

User interface switching
To toggle the game’s menus and UI on and off. This is perfect for taking screenshots without the HUD cluttering everything up. Combine with the Free Roam Camera command for some cinematic screens!

Complete every major mission
It completes every mission in the main story. Of course, this will spoil the story, so don’t use it if you haven’t completed the game.

Reset the task
resetquest <معرف المهمة>
Returns the specified task to the beginning.

jump high
setgs fjumpheightmin <#>
Determines the height of your jump. The higher the number, the higher your jump. Put it too high, and falling to the ground will kill you. Consider merging with God’s status.

Run fast
player.setav speedmult <#>
Adjusts the running speed multiplier. Add a lot to transform into The Flash and become the fastest person alive. You probably won’t be alive if you encounter something, so proceed with caution (or God put).

Grow big
Cetscal <1-10>
It makes you or your goal too big. The higher the number, the greater their size.

Set schedule
Set the timescale to <#>
Adjusts speed over time. By default, the game is set to 16. Use 1 to advance in real time, and up to 10,000 for days that pass in the blink of an eye.

Each item is in a box
Cook Qasimuk
This takes you to a room full of crates, like the Apocalypse version of Deal or No Deal. Inside each box there is one item in the game.

Teleport to an area
coc <معرف الخلية>
It takes you to a specific area.

Personal customization
showlooksmenu player 1
Unlocks the character customization screen, allowing you to quickly redesign your look.

An ally with a faction
player.AddToFaction <معرف الفصيل> <0 أو 1>
Determines your status as an ally with a faction. Use “0” for “Woody” or “1” for allies.

They became enemies with a faction
setenemy <معرف الفصيل> <0 أو 1>
Defines your status as an enemy with a faction. Use “0” for neutral or “1” for enemies.

Expelled from the faction
player.RemoveFromFaction <معرف الفصيل>
Clears your alliance status with a faction.

Stay away from all factions
Removal of fall imperfections
Clears your alliance status with all factions in the world.

Fallout 4 Computer Elements Icons

Here are the most common items you’ll need in arid lands, and the codes you need to summon when using console commands:

  • Bottle cap: 0000000 F.
  • Steamback: 00023736
  • Rad Away: 00023742
  • Fusion Core: 00075FE4
  • Coca-Cola Quantum:0004835F
  • Bobby pin: 0000000 a

Fallout 4 PC weapon codes

Here are all the weapon codes for each weapon type in Fallout 4. These are the codes you need to invoke when entering weapon IDs into console commands:

  • 0.44: 00148 B 45
  • 0.44 revolver: 000CE97D
  • 10 mm: 00004822
  • 2076 World Series of Baseball Bat: 000E9A43
  • Foreign amplifier: 000FF995
  • anchor: 00144A6C
  • Smoke artillery grenade: 0012E2CA
  • Gun: 0000463F
  • Laser intrusion: 000DD4B1
  • Baseball Bat: 0008E736
  • Baseball bomb: 00107 BD6
  • Bolder dove: 000662A7
  • Behemoth bolder: 0014BBDA
  • Blood splash: 00031FB8
  • board: 0005C 250
  • bomb: 0014245D
  • Bottelcap mine: 0010771F
  • Boxing gloves: 0016498F
  • Broadsider: 000FD11B
  • Chinese officer’s sword: 00147BE4
  • Combat knife: 000913CA
  • Combat rifle: 000DF42E
  • Combat rifle: 0014831 EGP negotiable
  • Cryo Mine: 0010 C 669
  • Refrigerated bomb: 000FF21D
  • Coolant: 00171B2B
  • Deathclaw Gauntlet: 000D8576
  • Muslim: 000DC8E7
  • The gun has a double barrel: 00062AA4
  • fat man: 000BD56F
  • Pat the fire hydrant: 000DF621
  • Flamer: 000E5881
  • Flare gun: 001025AC
  • Fragmentation bomb: 000 EBED
  • Fragment mine: 000E56C2
  • Core fusion ejector: 000865E9
  • Core fusion ejector: 000897FF
  • Gamma Gun: 000DDB7C
  • Jazrab the doll: 000001F6
  • Gatling laser: 000E27BC
  • Gaussian rifle: 000D1EB0
  • Ax Grognak: 00183FCD
  • HalluciGen gas bomb: 000E98E5
  • Rifle grenade: 0014831D
  • Homing beacon: 00065DEC
  • Hunting rifle: 0005BBA4
  • Hunting rifle: 0004F46A
  • Venice Institute: 0005A665
  • Hexagon Institute: 001633CC
  • EM Pulse Grenade Institute: 0018325 AH
  • Beacon Institute: 00174F8F
  • Junk Gate: 000E942B
  • Kellogg’s pistol: 000CE97D
  • a knife: 00062AA3
  • Joints: 0005524 b
  • Spit caterpillar: 0003175 b
  • The laser: 0005BBA6
  • The laser: 0009983 B.
  • Laser gun: 00148 B 48
  • Laser Mesquite: 0001DACF
  • Lead tube: 000FC9C3
  • Liberty Prime Laser: 00110414

  • sickle: 00033FE0
  • Minigun: 00064B87
  • Mini Nook: 0010E689
  • Missile launcher: 0003F6F8
  • Molotov cocktail: 0010C3C6
  • Nouka Grind: 000E5750
  • nuclear: 00065DF2
  • Knock Main: 0010A340
  • Pincher: 00092A60
  • Pumps: 00024F55
  • Tubular bolt action: 0014831A
  • Hexagon tubes: 0005BBA7
  • Hexagon tubes: 0014831 b
  • Pipe wrench: 000D83BF
  • Plasma bomb: 0010A33D
  • Plasma Pistol: 00100AE9
  • Plasma mine: 0010A342
  • Braid pool: 000FA3E8
  • Force grip: 0011 b 336
  • Laser grip from Preston: 00062AA6
  • Grenade pulse: 000FF21F
  • Mine pulse: 0010A344
  • Rail gun: 000FE268
  • Revolutionary sword: 00143AB5
  • Ripper: 000FA2F6
  • rolling pin: 00142FAB
  • Patton Security: 0008C14D
  • Shish kebab: 000FA2FB
  • Sledgehammer: 0005DF2E
  • Sledgehammer: 000E7AB9
  • Sonic attack: 000FC3EC
  • Spitting attack: 0009F24D
  • Submachine gun: 0015 b 043
  • Super Sledge: 000FF964
  • Switchblade: 000FDC81
  • Compound relay bomb: 000589F2
  • Injection: 0014D09E
  • Grenade launcher test: 000CA0B0
  • The winner: 000dC8E7
  • Tire iron: 00185D25
  • Vertibird signal grenade: 00056917
  • walking stick: 000FDC7D

And there you go, these are the Fallout 4 cheat commands and console commands you need when a little bit of technical assistance is needed. But, remember, with the tremendous laser power comes a huge responsibility for not slaughtering the entire Boston population.

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