The US Congress passes the COVID-19 relief bill – as well as some new copyright laws

The US Congress simply hasn’t approved a $ 600 per person COVID-19 relief package, unemployment aid, rental aid, and more. Actions related to the coronavirus epidemic Today. It has voted to pass a dual government funding plan that includes thousands of pages of legislation unrelated to COVID-19, including some significant changes to copyright law.

The change most relevant to you, anyone using the internet, comes in a verb called CASE, but I’m going to start with a different copyrighted part of the package, because some are misunderstood. There’s a section of Republican Senator Thom Teles defining a crime for operating a service dedicated to providing illegal streams, and I’ve seen this described as something that “will make illegal broadcasting a crime” in general – as in, “you can go to jail for broadcasting Nintendo games on Twitch” . This is not really what he says.

What is this felony flow law about

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