Contest: Win a Twin Mirror and a dedicated Xbox controller


In today’s competition, UK residents can win a customized Twin Mirror Xbox console, as well as a free copy of the game!

In today’s competition, UK residents can win Double mirror Dedicated Xbox console, plus a free copy of the game!

Are you all sad in the UK that you can never win a physical prize because most of the competitions are US based? Well let’s change that a little bit!

We have this really cool on-demand Double mirror Xbox console to ditch a lucky UK resident. In addition to the gamepad, you’ll also get a digital copy of the game to test that new bad boy!

Check out our review The game is for more detailed impressions, but the good news – it’s good! Dontnod’s formula has been pushed beyond its normal range as this time it uses the idea of ​​direct psychological arousal. Expect a lot of drama, interpersonal relationships in turmoil, and external perceptions in the latest narrative drama.

Sure, we can ditch the game, but let’s make things a little more exciting. Get this adorable custom console and play it in style!


This dedicated console, of course, works on the Xbox family of consoles, but also on your PC. And from what I hear, the Xbox controller is the best way to play on PC with a gamepad! Also, just see it! Since you can’t buy it, you’ll have to win it here 🙂

How to win

To enter to win, use the tool below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily. Be sure to follow along and earn your bonus entries!

We have one console and one digital version of the game; We will draw a winner on January 1st. This is a UK competition, and as such, you must be living in the UK mainland in order to qualify. Better luck next time, USA.

Double mirror Now available for consoles and computers.

UK Competition: Win a customized Xbox Twin Mirror console and copy of the game

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