Cloudpunk is an exceptional cyberpunk game that keeps getting better

GOTY 2020

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Plus our selected team Game of the Year Awards 2020, Every member of the PC Gamer team picks one of their favorite games of the year. We’ll be posting new character picks, along with major rewards, throughout the remainder of the month.

CloudpunkI have been delighted to watch this transformation. The edition launched in April was awesome – a cyberpunk excursion that saw you explore the wretched city of Nevalis in your flying car and on foot. Huge voxel towers rip up clouds below you; Walkways full of street vendors, merchants, and corporate security; Everywhere you seem something striking and unusual. It’s a game that you can finish in 10 hours, but one that invites you to explore for days. Weeks.

If developer Ion Lands left it that way, I might still be writing about Cloudpunk here. I’m still talking about Rainia, the rare cyberpunk heroine who never dies of mockery, and she’s awesome because she doesn’t try to be at all. Of course, I will never forget Camus, her constant companion. He was an AI dog in a previous life, and he’s now a car. He is the best boy. The couple meets many amazing people during their first night at work, and through them Cloudbank explores beyond humanity, terrorism, AI rights and all sorts of topics, both speculative and relevant now.

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