Minecraft Axolotl – everything we know

What is the new Minecraft Axolotl game? If you are not familiar with amphibians, the axolotl is a true cave-dwelling amphibian. Axolotls are an extremely rare species of salamander and are actually an endangered species. They are native to the Valley of Mexico, and in particular two lakes, one of which is no longer in existence, so hopefully their next Minecraft appearance will aid Axolotl’s conservation efforts.

As in real life, Minecraft Axolotl comes in multiple colors – pink, green, and brown – and is ridiculously gorgeous. Not only can it be found in the new vibrant Lush Swamp, but it also has heaps of new mechanics that others just don’t share Minecraft mobs. The great thing about Axolotl is that it can be picked up so easily that you can collect it in a bucket and bring it with you. It may look adorable, but this is an attack amphibian that can be deployed against mobs in the oceans by emptying the bucket in the middle of the battle.

There was a recent update for Minecraft 1.17 build screenshot It introduces gamers to great amphibians, so join us as we review everything we know about the Minecraft Axolotl, including where to find it, how it has been tamed, and how it works in combat.

Minecraft Axolotl bucket

The first thing you will need if you are planning to build your own Axolotl Army is a bucket. These new creatures can be captured and tamed – in a sense – simply by collecting them in a bucket.

You can then empty the bucket into a nearby cave Minecraft house To create your own Axolotl ecosystem, or grab a few Axolotl buckets and bring them to your next Ocean Monument raid.

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Minecraft Axolotl Combat

Once you have caught some Minecraft Axolotls, when you launch them into the open water, they will swim around and perish every fish and enemy in the vicinity. In order to get them to follow you, you’ll need to hold a tropical fish (either in your hand or your main hand).

Axolotls don’t deliver a lot of raw power on their own, but you can unleash multiple buckets at once so your enemies have a lot to deal with.

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One of the unique mechanisms Axolotl is proud of in Minecraft is that it can “ play dead ” – meaning that enemy gangs will not attack them, giving the Absolotl time to recover and re-join the fight. If you get the last hit of an enemy that puts a jellyfish in Dead Play mode, you will have a short regeneration effect.

How to find Axolotls in Minecraft

These hordes are found in the new Lush Cave Biome. You can locate the Lash Cave by searching for a new acacia tree and then digging along its roots until you find one of the vibrant caves. Axolotls come in five varieties, with bluish-purple being rare. It also comes in pink, blue, orange and brown.

You can also raise axolotls by feeding them tropical fish. You can breed one Axolotl species with different ones, but there are currently no unique color combinations. We also don’t know if the arrangement in which you feed Axolotls affects the type of Axolotl baby.

That’s all we know about Minecraft Axolotl. We will add a lot of guides from Minecon 2020 and new Minecraft Caves and Cliffs updateSo find new info soon.

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