The Indian government explains that PUBG Mobile India does not have permission to start

PUBG MOBILE It looks like he’s having a hard time getting back to India. The popular Battle Royale game, which was expected to be re-launched in India and has already raised a lot of anticipation, may not be launched at all, as the Indian government has indicated. Also read – PUBG Mobile Top-Earning 2020 Game: The Sensor Tower

PUBG Mobile India may not launch

PUBG Mobile India is one of the most awaited games since the battle royale game was banned in India two months ago. However, as a government-issued statement, it might not be launched again, at least for now. Also read – PUBG Mobile India launch: Beware of fake download links, some of them could be malware

According to a report from From the insideThe Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has officially suggested that the game will not return in India, indicating that,MEITY has not granted any permission to launch PUBG.The statement was in response to the user as part of an RTI query submitted on November 30th. Also read – Just Cause: Announced Mobile for Android and iPhone with Multiplayer Game

As a reminder, shortly after the announcement of PUBG Mobile India, the government did not grant permission to PUBG Corporation to re-enter the official multiplayer game. In another report, PUBG Mobile was reportedly denied permission to launch in the country.

However, the report does not confirm that the game will not start at all. Chances are it will launch after a few months and it will already have permission. A PUBG official told Insidesport,PUBG’s efforts have gone seriously right, but the situation is that there has been no headwind or progress in this regard. We don’t see the game coming back in India for the next few months, at least not before March 2021. It’s a pity but everyone should live with it.

For those who don’t know, PUBG Mobile India is now live after its announcement. PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were among 118 Chinese apps that were blocked again in September to protect users’ security and privacy.

Since there is no proper confirmation, we need to wait for confirmation. Hence, stay tuned for this space.

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