GTA Cayo Perico theft weapons – Here you can find all 3 weapons

Do you want to know where to find all the new Cayo Priko steal weapons? GTA Online’s third update in 2020 is perhaps the biggest of the year, as you travel to a new tropical island to tweak a bunch of things from an incredibly rich drug cartel.

This update includes quite a few new weapons, one of which you can access immediately, but the other two require a bit more work in order to use them. You will first need to know How to start stealing GTA Cayo PericoOnce you do, however, you’ll not only have access to one of the guns, but you’ll also have access to new Vehicles, very!

Our guide to all the new Cayo Perico Heist guns will go beyond the upgrades available to the Military Rifle, when you can unlock the Combat Rifle, and hints for everything we know about the very well concealed Perico pistol. It will be a treasure hunt to find this golden weapon, so we hope you have prepared Earn money in GTA And savings for the trip.

How to unlock every weapon in Kayo Priko theft

There are three Cayo Perico Heist guns in total, and while it’s very easy to get the Military Rifle, the other two will take some extra work.

Here are GTA Cayo Perico theft weapons:

  • The Military rifle It will unlock automatically when you start to steal Caio Priko. You can buy it at any Ammu-Nation store for $ 397,500.
  • The Combat rifle It was unlocked during the finale of theft. There are several locations where the rifle could be, but it is leaning against something (wall or bench), somewhere in the area of ​​the palace complex (in your health Reddit Timely-Speaker-8590 and Skarlax675 users). After finding it, you will be able to find it at any Ammu-Nation store for $ 295,000.
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Perico Pistol Website

To find th Breco pistolFirst, you will need to retrieve a small key from one of the guards who sleep outside the bars and nightclubs in Los Santos. It can be found in any type of session and is highlighted with a blue dot. We recommend that you head to one of these 8 locations and switch lounges until you spawn:

  • Del Peru Beach / Red Desert Street
  • Del Piero / Del Piero Fairway
  • Rancho / Capital Boulevard
  • Describe the task
  • Downtown Vinwood (near the apartment)
  • grape seeds
  • North Schumach
  • Palito Bay

After you find the key, you can go back to Heist and open the drawer in El Rubio’s office (it’s the big room with the big desk) to find the pistol. It is the room you must enter before you go down into an underground basement. This will open every Ammu-Nation upgrade.

Military rifle upgrades

Since you are able to purchase the military rifle directly at the beginning of the downloadable content, the full list of upgrades can be found below:

Weapon / upgrade price
Military rifle $ 397,500
X60 rounds $ 108
The default section Free
Extender clip $ 57,500
Iron sights Free
Flashlight $ 13,750
suppressor $ 52,500
Black color Free
Army color 5000 dollars
Green color 5250 dollars
Orange color 5500 dollars
LSPD color $ 5750
Pink color $ 7,500
Gold color 10,000 dollars
Platinum color 12,500 dollars

Combat gun upgrades

After finding the Combat Hunting Rifle in the complex, head over to Ammu-Nation to find upgrades:

Weapon / upgrade price
Combat rifle $ 295,000
Cartridges x12 $ 20 (Unconfirmed)
Flashlight 12,500 dollars
suppressor $ 47,500
Black color Free
Army color 5000 dollars
Green color 5250 dollars
Orange color 5500 dollars
LSPD color $ 5750
Pink color $ 7,500
Gold color 10,000 dollars
Platinum color 12,500 dollars

Perico Pistol upgrades

After finding your Perico Pistol, you’ll be able to buy back and store ammo in Ammu-Nation:

Weapon / upgrade price
Breco pistol Free
Rounded x2 $ 5

That’s all we know about Cayo Perico Heist’s weapons for GTA. These may not be the best weapons available, but new games are always welcome in these expansions. When talking about new games, you should probably check details about Cayo Perico Heist payout So you can take on all of these new things!

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