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Night City holds many secrets, some of which are legendary armor. Here’s our guide to help you find these free legendary shields as you explore a world Cyberpunk 2077.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Evidence: Legendary Shield Locations

For clarity, I have divided this guide into multiple parts pertaining to each region Cyberpunk 2077. These elements are all from free roaming or regular exploration. As such, it has avoided citing legendary armor that could be obtained as quest rewards or through industry. However, if you can find other legendary armor not mentioned in this guide then let me know.

You can refer to the pages below to find the sites you need help with:

Note 1: Before you pick up a legendary piece of armor, be sure to save your game first. When the item is looted, you can check it to see if it actually contains many epic or legendary mods. If you are not satisfied with what it contains, you can reload, hoping for better things.

Note 2: In two cases, it is possible to obtain completely different Legend Armor. For example, instead of the Duolayer Polyamide Rocker Vest, I got the enhanced Rocker Foldtop compound (which sounds weird). Personally, I am not sure why.

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