Dota 2 gets the Hoodwink-ed in the 7.28 patch

So Dota 2 The 7.28 correction was struck today. 1.6 GB. It’s called the Mistwoods Update and it adds a new hero – Hoodwink – and a whole bunch of other things. I am writing about this. I have luck!

Well, let’s start with the Hoodwink, which appears to be a little creature running down a crossbow. She’s also a Robin Hood (as the name suggests), knowing that she defends the forests, steals things from any threats, and helps any survivor. It’s a long-range nuclear weapon with some handicaps and strong escape skills, which means there’s some serious crossover with Windrunner here – and that becomes even more apparent when you look at its capabilities.

So, let’s start what will be a massive note piece by looking at the Hoodwink itself, and seeing what it brings to the table.

Dota 2: Cheated-ed

Hoodwink’s first ability is the Acorn Shot, which fires acorns at a single target. From there, it bounces off nearby enemies, slowing them down and dealing additional damage. I think Witch Doctor’s Cask or Medusa’s Mystic Snake, I think, though I’m not sure how random the targeting is. Acorn Shot can also be pointed at a tree, but “extra ounce will be lost.” I suspect that means it loses one bounce, but it’s not clear.

Her second skill, Shackleshot Bushwhack, throwing the Impact Zone grid trap. Any enemy heroes in that area close to the tree are drawn into the tree and stunned and reduces their visibility to zero for the duration. So … halfway between Shackleshot and Spear Toss.

The third skill for Hoodwink is Scurry, which contains both passive and active ingredients. Negatively, it gives the hoodwink an opportunity to avoid attacks when in the vicinity of trees. When activated, the Hoodwink gets extra speed, progressive collision, and tree walking.

Dota 2 deceptive 3 game

Finally, its end is Sharpshooter. Hoodwink charges its arc for a maximum of five seconds and then fires a lightning bolt with an extension amazing Long range (which appears to travel faster than Mirana). When impacted, this causes massive damage, slows down, and infects breakage. Damage and correction time increase the longer the skill is charged.

Seriously, I look at this and see kind of Windrunner reworked. We have highly charged line-shot skill, dribbling that doubles as a kinematic booster, numerous idle abilities, and a stunner dependent on nearby trees. There are new items there too, and some glimpses of other heroes (Mars, Treant Protector, Mirana, Medusa) but I can’t help but see Windrunner in this.

I am usually bad at predicting where the new heroes will be playing. I mean, first of all, we’ll see it in the middle of it and hold it because that’s how we see every hero when the patch is launched. I suspect she’ll gravitate toward a mid-turn or 3 or 4 later, but if she cooperates well with the attacking elements, she might end up being an easy carry pick. Nukers tend to fall a little bit, but I haven’t seen her talent tree, and it’s quite possible that she evolved into a silly physical damage dealer, or she’d be amazing if she had the level advantage.

And now, a million more words

Dota 2 deceptive 4 game

Well now I don’t think it’s a fox. But I am so tired that I do not remember what kind of animal this is.

That’s it, right? This is the patch? Ha ha ha! No. Of course it is not ridiculous. These correction notes are about 140 pages long and are based on “the number of times you press Page Down to go top to bottom”.

So let’s talk about else The biggest thing is fragments of songs. This was Kinda It was hinted at at the Aghanem Maze event earlier this year, but it works very differently here. These cost 1400 gold and are available after 20 minutes, and are instantly consumed to give your hero a new ability or upgrade. And as you’d expect, these things vary greatly across the giant hero set.

Dota 2 Clockwork Aghanem Shard

For example, Alchemist’s Aghanim’s Shard Upgrade gives him Berserk Potion’s ability. This can be directed at an Ally (or kickback himself) to give them +50 attack speed and +40 HP to reconstitute 10 seconds – effectively, a small chemist at the end. Bounty Hunter gets a lane upgrade that gives 800 visions around the target and gives your allies 50% of the lane’s movement speed. Mommy gets a Paula Silk that can wipe out enemies for two seconds. Clockwork is gaining Jetpack fuckingIt gives flight movement and flying vision and increases its speed of movement but disarms and reduces its rate of turn. Meanwhile, Doctor Witch It transforms into an invisible, fortified death wing for two seconds.

Others are less massive, at least in the obvious sense. The Archaic Ice Vortex works at 40 DPS and slows down the attack speed, while the Abaddon Mist Coil and Aphotic Shield apply Avernus’ curse. Phoenix gets a negative spirit of fire Every seven seconds. Still big things, but not in a “shiny new ability” way.

Seriously, there is a lot to go over (120 now, given there is one for every hero), but they are going to drastically change the way things are.

Contrary to my sanity, these correction notes were never complete

Dota 2 deceptive game 2

So, aside from Shards for mushrooms, we also have a lot of hero-specific changes and mods. Almost every hero has some form of stat or ability modification, with a number getting complete ability rework. over there Loads Scepter to go along with Shards, plus a host of new capabilities. Keeper of the Light now has a new base ability called Solar Bind, for example, which is … kind of like Mana Leak? Decreases magic resistance and reduces the target’s movement velocity as they move. Lifestealer has Ghoul Frenzy instead of Open Wounds, which gives him extra attack speed and reduces enemy movement speed the more they hit. etc.

One thing I’d like to highlight is the change in Aghanim’s Scepter ability from the Vengeful Spirit, because it’s kind of neat. This creates a powerful illusion of Venge on death that can cast spells, deal (and deal) 100% damage but … it also has a 30% bonus for movement speed. Any experience points that you gain are awarded to the spirit of revenge. And the If she is still alive when the spirit of revenge returns, she takes her place and immediately returns to the fight. Meanwhile, Aghanem’s fragment allowed the wave of terror to be stolen 25% base damage to the enemy hero.

Also, the Outworld Devourer is now called the Outworld Destroyer for a reason, which is effective Not Change because I still refer to it as the Outhouse Demolisher or whatever else I feel that day.

So, the elements

Dota 2 more blink daggers

Everyone clearly needs more Blink’s daggers.

And then we get to the elements! Because of course he wouldn’t be a pioneer Dota 2 Correction with a new main mechanic, a new champion, and sweeping changes for every existing hero.

Lots of items have been updated. I will not get over that. All I will say is that some of the basic elements now work somewhat differently from the way they used to. Instead, let’s take a look at the 12 new items.

Many of these are actually upgrades. Smash Blink, Swift Blink, and Arcane Blink are all Blink Dagger upgrades with additional effects targeting strength / agility / intelligence heroes, respectively. Crushing magic grants a power bonus, damaging all enemies near the target location while also slowing them down and decreasing their attack speed. It gives Swift Blink agility, while also providing 30% phase motion speed, extra damage, and attack speed after blinking. Finally, Arcane Blink gives intelligence, while lowering throw point and calming ability after flash.

Dota 2 Tempresso flamethrower

True. Timbersaw’s Aghanim Shard upgrade is A. Flamethrower. And yes, it kills trees.

There is much to explore. Helm of the Dominator Tier 2 can transform the ancients. Witch Blade is an auto-attack damage element for IQ Heroes. Gleipnir targets an area, traps enemies inside, and detonates them with a string of lightning. Mage Slayer is an agility-focused component that removes spells for your targets. Eternal Cover gives you the spell lifestyle and HP regeneration, while also allowing you to create a shield that converts damage into mana.

Most importantly, Fluffy Hat gives you 125 HP. And me Guess It can also be upgraded to Falcon Blade, Orb of Corrosion and Holy Locket if that’s more important to you than having a fluffy hat.

Finally, Wind Waker Summon Nintendo to sue your opponents Summons a tornado just like the scepter of Oil, but it can target allies and you can move it when you throw it at yourself.

Then the neutral elements, because that’s a Dota 2 Correction and we’re not done yet

You run out of relevant screen shots. I got Dota 2 Kitty.

OK. We’re almost done. Home span.

The neutral items are interesting because we have new items and the old ones are ‘removed’. I put “removed” in quotation marks because the exact phrase used is “cycled out,” which means we’ll see the neutral elements spin as the seasons change and corrections. For now: Extra Long, Mango Tree, Poor Man’s Shield (again), and Iron Talon (again). Goodbye, clumsy network and vampire fangs. Meanwhile, we’re getting loads of nifty new items like Giant’s Ring, which allow you to walk over enemy terrain and inflict 100% of your power per second as damage when standing on an enemy. Or a storm, which collides with a nearby enemy every three seconds. Or the Tier 1 item, Chipped Vest, which gives HP payback and returns some damage incoming to enemy attackers.

And yes, a lot of seniors have been adjusted to balance as well. Of course they have.

In terms of general changes … well, there’s not much I want to skip, but the one thing that caught my attention is that the game now starts at night, and only turns into daytime when the crawl spawn. This might actually make early skirmishes and rune capture even more dangerous. Also, the jungle is more fluffy than before, with the stacked gold reward reduced and the neutral crawl no longer increased in the bonus over the course of the game. However, there are no massive changes to the way Hero Rewards or passive gold is made. distance. Just wait for 7.28b.

And that’s all I cover. There as well, And therefore much more than that. At the very least you might want to go and see the changes made to your favorite old heroes and old meta heroes to see how useful they are now. You can do this very easily. All you have to do is click this link.

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