Cyber ​​Shadow is set for release in January

What if you were a future ninja where artificial life forms took over, leaving only one last hero to save all of humanity? This is pretty much understandable Cyber ​​ShadowThe ninja platform that showed lots of potential.

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Not only is it dripping in dark cyberpunk looks, but it has a lot of cool trailer based mechanics popping up. A new version has just been released which gives us a release date of January 26th.

If you enjoy retro metroidvania games, Cyber ​​Shadow It has a lot to offer outside the gate. You will notice a file 2 D. At first glance, but the more time you spend in this dark cyber world, the deeper the controls will be.

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Players like Shadow can slice their way between opponents, dash great distances, and quickly evade enemy attacks with the click of a button. Your abilities will start out relatively simple, but the more you help your clan members with artificial life forms, the more special attacks you will unlock.

Thus there is a lot of motivation to continue advancing, mastering the art of the ninja way. Mekacity is the playground that you will navigate as you develop your ninja skills and uncover lost puzzles.

The story is told through lightning-fast cinematic sequences, which set the scenes before you jump into fast-paced past events with different types of enemies. Much like other old platform players, you will encounter some powerful bosses who require different skills and resources.

Even the soundtrack has been perfected to go with futuristic overtones. The tempo rises slightly once the action gets hot and heavy. If you can move around Mekacity to master the secrets and abilities of your ancient clan, you may be able to save the world from cyber oblivion.

The trailer offers an overview Action Players can look forward to it later in January. Whether you are interested in the retro platformer thrills or intrigued by a futuristic ninja story, Cyber ​​Shadow Advance on all fronts as far as platform games go.

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You can relive the glory days of hand-drawn graphics with efficient traversal mechanics and battles, or maybe try it for the first time. Either way, Cyber ​​Shadow It is set up to offer an unforgettable and addicting story that you won’t be able to get enough of.

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