All four safe locations in Hunter’s Haven with gold bars

Epic Games introduced a new in-game currency for It is an electronic game Chapter 2 Season 5 Players are allowed to purchase and upgrade loot via NPC dealers. Therefore, it is important for players to know how to win the most new in-game currency. over there Many ways to earn Gold bars, but safes offer the highest single return for anything yet. Players who can find a treasury will be rewarded with 100 gold bars. In this guide, we’ll cover all four safe breeding sites that you can find scattered throughout Hunters Haven in It is an electronic game.

The first thing to know about these vaults is that reproduction rates are very low. Given that it is never foolproof, it is best to search for it while you do your normal loot. However, breeding sites are often very suitable, so knowing where to check is helpful.

If you find the fun you are looking for, you can find out where the lockers are located in all the locations specified in It is an electronic game. All you need to do is head over to the second chapter of Season Five Manual and hub features And scroll down to the Safe Sites section. There are also plenty of other helpful guides to help you out like step by step instructions on hidden secrets, step-by-step explanations on new gameplay mechanics like missions and rewards, and weekly challenges in It is an electronic game.

Fortnite hunter's safe haven

Every safe spawn venue in Hunters Haven

Hunters Haven is another one of the new locations this season It is an electronic gameIt includes a group of buildings with vaults spread around them. There are only four to find, and they are all apart. The biggest problem you might face is having other players with you. You may pass through this area later in a game, so it doesn’t hurt to check this because the eggs are completely accessible. We will reveal them from west to east.

The first spawn safe can be found in the storage room on the ground floor of the building where Lexa is located. The storage room is located below the room containing the Lexa equipment and is located on the east side of that building. The next box is located in a modern home in southeastern Lexa. You can find the safe in a largely exposed bedroom. The sniper scope should be easy to use to check this from a distance if you have a good angle.

The next treasury spawns in a building located to the northeast. It is not in the northeastern building with stairs, but rather, the building east of the pool. You will see some great samurai katana in the room where the vault spawns. The last vault spawn in the southeast building on the second floor of an office. You can check this by going to the roof of the building and looking through one of the holes in the roof.

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