I’m still dying in Cyberpunk 2077 because I refuse to compromise on fashion

Night City is where you can easily upgrade your face and buy a beer. Maybe you will get some new weapons while shopping for new shirts. With enough cash, you can look however you want. Or so the holiday brochures say. In fact, it’s hard to look good Cyberpunk 2077, And in my quest to be stylish, I repeatedly put myself in harm’s way. It was done for fashion.

Things started fine, too. The mix of trends and cultures both real and imaginative has blessed Night City with a bold sense of style reflected in the flashy clothes adorning its citizens, and instantly my version of V, the street kid, looked good. She was wearing cool sneakers and silly gold pants, and what does anyone need the most? Unfortunately, Cyberpunk 2077 is the equivalent of an RPG trend that makes you look gradually cooler, instead you start looking cool and then increasingly make you look like a giant idiot.

CD Projekt Red tried to marry a very traditional RPG gear system built for armor with everyday wear, and it doesn’t work. Each item, whether it’s a scarf or an actual piece of armor, gets a shield value that mostly depends on its level. As you level up, you start looking for higher level shoes and suddenly you have to replace a Kevlar jacket with a silk shirt because it has larger numbers. The shield’s value has nothing to do with the elements themselves, and any other quirks they possess come from modifications.

(Image credit: CD Projekt)

Just based on the stats, it will always look like you lost a bet

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