The first official expansion of Rain Hazard 2 will be launched late next year

It’s been a great year for roguelikes, with more than enough titles to satiate any player’s color palette. But one game is the gift that keeps on giving: Rain hazard 2. Came from early access and Officially released Only last August, and since then the game has received some quality of life and Content updates. But the team in Hopoo Games is nowhere near finishing its latest titles. Rain hazard 2 It will receive its first official expansion late next year, and it will be gigantic.

this is The first expansion, Many of them are supposed to arrive in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2021 – mainly late in the year. However, when it dips, this expansion will bring a bunch of new goodies into Rain hazard 2. There isn’t one aspect of the game that won’t get new content in some way, from music to events and even survivors. Of course, this also means adding new bosses, as well as a new alternate final boss and a final stage. For those who enjoy game-breaking, new items also come to the game, along with an entirely new class of items. Here we hope it will be called “overcome.”

What’s Next Rain hazard 2?

Fortunately, players won’t have to wait an entire year for more Rain hazard 2 Content. The game is receiving a big update this coming March which should renew interest in weary players. It is a free update that will return some content interrupted from game development time. Included are a new survivor and boss, some skill variants of existing characters, and other quality of life improvements. To put it all into perspective, what comes in this update is about half what players can expect from the full expansion coming out next year.

Rain hazard 2 modified to increase the range of fishermen

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