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Returning to its fourth appearance, FAMAS became one of the Call of dutyThe most famous rifles. FFAR 1 inch Black Cold War It is the latest delivery from FAMAS. Similar to the original Black operationsThis year’s FAMAS is a fast-firing automatic assault rifle that requires a good aim to stay on target. It is not an explosive rifle, unlike Disreputable Modern warfare Release. Its theoretical time to kill just 330ms is by no means amazing, but it is relatively competitive when compared to other assault rifles. And with an impressive rate of fire of 909 rounds per minute, the FFAR 1 is a close tolerance.

However, the FFAR 1 is unlike any other Black Cold War. While most of them are accurate and easy to handle, FAMAS is difficult to use. Since Nerf was in the 1.06 patch, FFAR 1 has become the least accurate weapon in the game. For this reason, the priority for any good FFAR 1 architecture is to reduce its recoil. Fortunately, there are a few attachments that help with that.

FFAR 1 Perk Greed Building

  • Muzzle: infantry compensator
  • Barrel: 19.5 ″ heavy reinforced
  • Underbarrel: The Field Agent’s Grip
  • The Magazine: Salvo 44 Rnd Fast Mag
  • Handle: airborne flexible housing

Despite its shortcomings, FFAR 1 requires no more than five attachments to become viable. This allows the use of Perk Greed, which is the best wildcard in Black Cold War. Since FAMAS is a mobile assault rifle, I recommend using the perks that help you move around the map. The likes of Ghost, Ninja and Assassin are always good choices. Be sure to try out the various perks to see what works for your style of play.

For this design, I didn’t find a custom optics necessary. FFAR 1 has some of the best iron sights I have ever seen Call of duty. If you don’t like it, near mid-range sights like Quickdot LED and Microflex LED are suitable alternatives. But using an attachment aperture in your optical lens is not ideal as the other five attachments on this device are difficult to swap out.

Black Ops Cold War Ffar 1

When it comes to masks, the SOCOM Eliminator is your best friend. This attachment reduces your vertical recoil by 17% which is essential in FFAR 1. To be honest, when this gun is so inaccurate that it cannot compete with other primaries. And although this attachment adds a lot of horizontal recoil, it’s still a better option. Just be aware that this build does not wear off From left to right During shooting, inexperienced FPS players might struggle to use it.

Your choice of barrel attachment is flexible, but I found the 19.5 Reinforced Heavy to be the best. Increase the speed of your bullet on any Black Cold War The pistol is very useful and this barrel deals unfavorable damage to a FFAR 1 dropping by double it. If you don’t think bullet velocity is an issue, choose a 20.3 الإ takedown barrel instead. Personally, I found on larger maps like Satellite and Miami that the default speed of 625 meters per second was too slow. I could actually see my bullets traveling before any signs of injury showed up.

Black Ops Cold War Ffar 1 Ads game

A field agent grip should be considered an attachment that should be used for any FFAR 1 architecture. It is no secret that this facility is in the upper tier at most Black Cold WarBut it is especially important here. This is the only way to mitigate the horizontal recoil penalty that the SOCOM Eliminator provides. Even with the Eliminator and Field Agent Grip both equipped, this build is by no means a laser beam. But the most fun part about using FFAR 1 is that it’s incredibly satisfying once you learn the rebound spray pattern.

For the first time in any of the editions I recommend, we’ve picked the largest magazine available. The Salvo 44 Rnd Fast Mag might hurt shooting time, but it’s another necessary sacrifice. This rifle tears up ammo, and you’ll find yourself reloading it often. I’m not a big fan of taking a hit in gun handling, but the pluses of this attachment are too good to carry. Finally, Airborne Elastic Wrap is mainly used to counter Salvo Mag hoaxes. The 30% aiming speed improvement provided by the flexible housing will make playing hard with this build easier. However, be aware that the most are well-built SMGs And the Guns He would still be closely overtaking you. Best use of FFAR 1 in mid-range firefights.

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