Clusterduck is a new title from PikPok, now available on the Google Play Store

Get ready to hatch, chase, and argue with a never-ending wave of ducks in the new title for PikPok: Clusterduck. This title is a duck hatch that gets weirder as more ducks hatch. Players start out with a scattering of ducks, but soon more ducks will appear as they fill the screen.

This is the cell phone The title that gives players the ability to mix and match ducks for billions of possibilities. Players can enjoy a very simple experience, as more and more ducks rapidly develop into unique ducks.

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The game starts with a few ducks scattered nesting around the screen and a large hole at the bottom. Such as Incubate eggs, Players will have to wait until they hatch the game or buy it to get free temp pass. Once the eggs hatch, players meet their new duck friends and witness the birth of a variety of strange ducks.

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The goal of the game is to hatch as many ducks as possible. The more ducks hatch, the more strange things can happen in the game. The ducks will start to mutate, things will get weird, and the more ducks that hatch, the fatal error can happen.

Players can sacrifice unwanted pit ducks, but that’s lying Another strange mystery. Nobody, not even the ducks, know what is at the bottom of the hole. Developers warn players to be careful and keep a safe distance from the hole.

This is a random game where ducks can have hundreds of different head, wings and body shapes. This gives players a variety of duck options without counting unique mutations.

Each mutation has a classification from general to legendary allowing ducks Soon it becomes a collectible thing. Collect more ducks, read descriptions of the smart duckling, and slowly learn the secrets hidden and down the big hole.

While the gameplay is weird, the design is simple and the graphics are charming. As a phone game to pass the time, this title quickly beats the others. Simply Pick some eggs Wait for a group of ducks to hatch.

This is a great title for players of all ages. The light humor and minimalistic design allow anyone to enjoy this group of ducks on their mobile device.

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Clusterduck Available on Android and iOS devices. Get ready to enter Armageddon, which only ducks can achieve.

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