Squadrons 4.0 update brings new ships, cosmetics, and more

Work continues on EA Motive Star Wars: Swarms. While there has been a list of new shows and entertainment announced for the universe, the newest combat game in space is Don’t be left behind either. In another Star Wars: Swarms 4.0 update, players will be able to count on some of the major additions to the galaxy. Two new ships enter the battle. The Imperial TIE Defender adds to the fleet’s adaptability, but most importantly, New Republic gets the famous B-Wing.

The uniquely shaped Starfighter B-Wing will make a major addition in the Star Wars: Swarms 4.0 update. The slim profile will make it hard to reach, while the ability to roll around the cockpit will make for some interesting evasive maneuvers. As a heavy gunner targeting primary targets, it could be very good for its role. The ion beam is especially effective on large ships, you only need to get close enough. Whether you need an escort or are very good at having a B-Wing is a good thing.

A new map also arrives as part of Star Wars: Swarms 4.0 update. You can now try out both Fleet Battles and Dogfight gametype on the Fostar Haven map. With a more crowded yard full of nooks and crannies, you’ll definitely make things happen in both modes.

Freedom and choice

For those who are crying out for more freedom, you’ve got it. Custom matches have also arrived in the game. You can now create your own lobbies to have some fun among your friends.

As with every new update, you can also expect more cosmetics for both the cockpit and the pilot. The Star Wars: Swarms Update 4.0 also adds new components, which may change the way conflicts are handled.

The amount of content and support EA Motive has provided for the game is awesome. There are a lot of details to know about the new update so head over to Full Correction Notes For those. We definitely are Loved our time in spaceAnd you should also if you want to feel like a badass space pilot making a difference in the galaxy.

Star Wars Squadrons 4.0 update brings new ships, cosmetics, and more (1)

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