EA smashes Take-Two Codemasters acquisition with higher bid

In early November, reports began to appear Possible acquisition of the British company Codemasters. The people behind some really good driving games were chatting with Take-Two Interactive, and as far as we know, the deal is sealed. The price was $ 994 million Both parties agree to itAnd everything was in its place. However, those celebrations seem premature. In an industry riddled with twists and turns when it comes to narration, it should come as no surprise that something else has emerged during this period. According to new reports, EA appears to be planning a major acquisition plan for Codemasters.

That’s right, the company behind the sports juggernaut is moving. Sky News Reports EA’s bid is higher than the original Take-Two bid, which could spoil the supposedly agreed deal.

The preferred outcome is definitely not a bidding war. While Take-Two isn’t completely without money in the bank, there can be better uses for it. So far, we’re not sure if Take-Two will counter-bid, or whether EA will steal a rally by acquiring Codemasters. After all, EA’s total market cap is twice that of Take-Two’s. Even giants have some differences.

Junk in the trunk

Taking over Codemasters will provide you with a wide range of well received games. Popular F1And the GreedAnd and Dirt Racing games are just some of its greatest successes. There are also a lot of other IP addresses that will be a part of the deal.

Ea Gatecrashes takes acquisitions of two higher-bid Codemasters (2)

Codemasters has also published an Overlord A series of games, along with Bright spot process Sims Military. This has since led to more popularity ARMA Series.

However, the acquisition of Codemasters is far from over. Whether EA or Take-Two is on top, 2020 ends with a bang.

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