Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup walkthrough

Looking for a guide to the function of The Pickup in Cyberpunk 2077? Pick-up is a major business that arrives early in the game; After Dexter DeShawn assigns you to take back Flathead from the Maelstrom Gang – which was stolen from a military convoy. Dex has already paid for Flathead, but after a “change of leadership” it is uncertain whether the new Maelstrom boss – Royce – will honor that amount. Meredith Stout, a military company, is keen to get their hands on stolen goods, too.

It is the first job you’ll encounter with results that branch out depending on the choices you make during the task. There are also some unique opportunities that depend on your choice Cyberpunk 2077’s life path, And some unique items that can only be obtained after certain decisions – so if you’re interested in the possibilities at your disposal, we’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the potential outcomes.

There will be – of course – Spoilers ahead; So be careful – we’ll walk you through all of the options for the mission itself, as well as reveal how your decisions affect a side job later in the game, for those extremely curious. We’ll clearly mark this so you can leave the side quiz as a surprise if you like.

Meredith ignored and headed straight to the warehouse

Let’s start with the simplest option. You are Charge straight, guns are on fire – Starting the fight without talking to anyone. This will make every member of Maelstrom hostile to you; You have to reach the Flathead, steal it, then win the battle with Royce and escape. Since you never involved Meredith, her competitor Gilchrist won’t be promoted on her, but it looks like he is winning in the end anyway.

Rather, you are He enters the warehouse intent on talking to Royce Sort a deal to get Flathead. Could you Buy Flathead with your own money – A whopping sum of 10,000 whirlpools – and then they came out safely. If you can’t stand it, you have no choice but to do so They shot Royce during the conversationAnd fight your way out through the Maelstrom goons. Returning to Militech, the same story unfolds as above.

Meet Meredith and turn down Melitec credit card

If you decide not to accept Meredith for her offer and instead head to the warehouse without Militech credit card, a similar scenario will happen; You can either Buy Flathead with your own money And you come out in peace, and then you will meet Gilchrist on your way out, and Meredith meets a brutal ending – or, Shoot Royce Make your way back through the warehouse with Flathead. Meredith will meet you outside, and she seems to be happy with the way things have changed.

Accept a Meredith credit card

After accepting a credit card, a Corbo V He will immediately realize he is injured – open the target to clean it before handing it over. Even if you aren’t from Corpo, you can still clean the chip. When you meet Royce, you can Use the clean credit chip or use the injured one but warn Royce about that or use your own money – All of these options will cause Military to storm the building, and you’ll have to fight your way with the Maelstrom Gang at your side. Instead of fighting Royce, you’ll be fighting two Minotaurs instead. With Meredith’s betrayal, Gilchrist receives a promotion and Meredith is eliminated.

You can also choose Pay with the infected Creditchip Without Royce’s warning – or just They shot him during the conversation; The Maelstrom gang will not be happy with any of these things and will fight you as you try to escape. After this is done, you will see Meredith, who will thank you for your cooperation.


These are additional items to the mission that you might miss – if you’re not with us, that is.

Data collection

There is a computer in a room in the west corner of the warehouse after you go through the maintenance column, containing information that you can sell to Meredith or blackmail Gilchrist.

Bike tuning

If you have enough technical abilities, you can recommend Jackie pedaling his motorcycle – he does, and the bike stays tuned when you come across it later.

Free Medicines

Street Kid Vs can comment on Black Lace drug when Dum Dum shows you his inhaler – if you sort things out peacefully with Maelstrom, he’ll give it to you on your way out.

Free brick

Maelstrom’s former leader, Brick, isn’t dead – he’s already locked up in a warehouse room. You can save it by hacking the board or entering the code from a nearby computer; 9691. The cell is armed with explosives – there is a detonator in the same computer room, you can activate it remotely to blast the bricks into small pieces, or defuse them, if you want it to live.

Follow Meredith Mission

Finish things positively with Meredith, and she’ll text you later in the game. If you accept it with its offer, you can proceed to the subsequent mission and finally get a Cyberpunk 2077 Dildo Weapon.

The second conflict

This is the side function that appears later in the story – If you don’t want to know the consequences of your choices in The Pickup, look now (We suggest infiltrating a Stealth guide for Cyberpunk 2077).

Time to meet up with the Maelstrom Gang – but the members you meet depend on who survived The Pickup. If you fight Maelstrom and save Brick, he will welcome you, and the mission will be resolved peacefully. If Maelstrom resists and lets Brick to die, she’ll deal with Patricia – who will take you into a back room and then attack you. However, if Royce and Dum Dum are still responsible, you can avoid the fight by sneaking into Nancy’s data without being detected.

These are all the paths you can follow – and the results you can achieve – from Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup Mission. If you tend to rewind and pick a different path in the next gameplay, consider trying a new game Building Cyberpunk 2077 Or your switch Cyberpunk 2077.

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