Cyberpunk 2077 PS4, Xbox One refund available

CD Projekt Red, the company that developed Cyberpunk 2077, has acknowledged performance issues for last-generation consoles and issued an apology via Twitter for not showing the game that works on PS4 and last-generation Xbox One. Also read – Cyberpunk 2077: Players report bugs, major bugs, and other issues

“We should have paid more attention to getting it to play better on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,” the developer said in a statement shared on the official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account. Also read – Are you considering buying a Cyberpunk 2077? That’s all you need to know

The developer also added that it is working to fix some of the game’s “most prominent issues” with a series of patches that are still being rolled out. She also added that if someone is still not satisfied with the game, they are welcome to return their copy of the game to get a refund on certain terms and conditions. Also read – Cyberpunk 2077 release date, computer and gameplay requirements, and everything you need to know

Problems with old keyboards

Since I play the game on the older generation of PS4, I’m also one of the people who is currently struggling with some of the issues the company talked about in their statement.

Players from all over the world complained about low frame rates, weird physics, characters disappearing from screen, screen tearing, and much more. You can see some of the errors reported Here.

Similar issues have arisen in the Xbox version of the game and players are not satisfied with what they have received given the hype around the game.

Content for computer players

Since CD Projekt Red released the PC version of the game to most reviewers, not many of them were able to spot some performance issues in the game.

The fact that PS4 reviews came so late meant that console buyers received information about some of these issues after the game’s release.

Since the game received an overwhelming response with many good overall promotions and reviews on the PC platform, many believed it would be the same on the console. It turns out that it is not so.

In a call with investors in November, CD Projekt Red’s co-CEO Adam Kaciński said the game was running “surprisingly well” on last-generation devices like the PS4. The players clearly feel misled which is why the company has offered them the option to return the money to them

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