The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale comes with 15 days of unique free games

December seems to be approaching, but maybe that’s just me. We’re now in the holiday season so things are running wild for most of us. The epic Not completely ready For everyone with the joy of the holiday yet. December 17 will be the day the holiday glamor officially begins on the Epic Games Store, and the company will offer holiday discounts as well as 15 days of free games. We suggest checking in at 11 AM ET that day if you are chomping. This is usually when Epic updates its lineup.

Holiday Sale will include a small selection of in-game discounts of up to 75%. We’d probably expect something similar to the scale of Halloween cuts, which wasn’t a trivial matter either. Sure, there is a mix of popular AAA titles and indie games on offer with new releases and semi-modern games all reduced to attractive price points. There are also likely big discounts – and thus 75% off – on games that were previously offered free. If you miss some of these, these sales at least provide a good chance of getting them cheap. You will also need to keep your eyes peeled to get the more coupons Epic offered last year. These were good for any purchases through May 2020, so the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2019 was the gift that kept on giving.

On the fifteenth day of Christmas, Epic gave me …

But what’s even more exciting is the prospect of 15 days of free games from the Epic Games Store. Just like last December, Epic will give out a new game every 24 hours. This year will also see an impressive boost of generosity from Epic, as the event will run for another three days. This means that starting December 17th, you’ll be able to have something new and free to play every day until the end of the year. You will have to remember to check it out. I’m still kicking myself because I’m lost too hot Since last year.

Epic Games Holidays Free Games 2020

As for the types of games to expect, it is difficult to define. Epic still sticking in the squad. Judging by the past year Despite this, there will be a number of indie games in the cards as well as some of the more popular titles. If anything is particularly cool available, we’ll make sure to cover it. With this year being bigger than ever, perhaps there will be a surprising AAA title as well.

Epic recommends that you wish-list anything you’re interested in, because you’ll receive a notification if the title goes up for sale. Likewise, we recommend that you set a reminder notification for each day to ensure there are tons of free digital gifts you can undo this year from the Epic Games Store.

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