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With more than two thousand CK2 mods in Steam Workshop alone, the Crusader Kings mod community has achieved a very high mark in terms of user-generated content. This impressive feat is a boon to players but also a cause of paralysis: which of these tweaks should one choose?

After all, even if one focuses only on popular options, many other excellent tweaks may be overlooked. We have listed our favorite Crusader Kings II mods below for your convenience. If you are new to mods, don’t worry! We have also included a guide on how to modify Crusader Kings 2 at the bottom of the article.

Some of the mods you will find below are huge comprehensive conversion tweaks, such as Game of Thrones fix. Some are simpler – but no less important – cosmetic modifications. Some of them are personal adjustments, like the Opener that allow you to customize the perfect ruler. Some of them are mechanical and life-quality fixes, such as a mod that allows you to fully customize your castle. All of them are worth checking out if you feel it is something that will bring your game to life. It’s also worth noting that many of these are now transferred to a file CK3 mod Scene as well!

The Best of Crusader Kings 2 MODS

Here are the best CK2 mods, in no particular order:

  • After the end of the fork fan
  • CK2 +
  • Game of Thrones Mod
  • When the world stops thinking
  • Senior Kings
  • The ruler designer is open
  • Rich childhood
  • Superficial features
  • Your personal castle
  • There are no interfaith defensive covenants
  • Enhanced Genetics
  • Patrum Scotta
  • In the sky map mapping
  • Anime pictures
  • Medieval music complete

After the propeller fork end

This is a “continued fan” From the original “After the End” CK2 that was set in the USA after the end of the world. The year 2666, and centuries have passed since a catastrophic event brought human civilization back to the Middle Ages. You can play anywhere in North America, the Caribbean or the northern coast of South America with over a thousand provinces, 47 different religions, and 31 different cultural groups.

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One of our resident Paradox mods commented that he hasn’t seen any mod gain a strong fanbase since Hearts of Iron 4’s Kaiserreich mod. Just the preparation alone makes this worth checking out, not to mention all the work that has been done in creating post-apocalyptic North America. Worth checking out if you want something completely different.

CK2 +

An example of a mod not found in Steam Workshop, CK2 + It is a complete overhaul that changes every aspect of the game from the map to the basic mechanics to the events. Aiming to offer the player more content to explore whether new boycotts, new interactions with other characters, or new mechanisms like repairing factions, there’s a reason it’s called CK2 +.

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This mode is respected and respected as a full game upgrade that individual mods in Steam Workshop make compatible versions of CK2 + of their mods specifically to be included in the great Crusader Kings II experience.

Follow the link above and follow the instructions on the forum to find how to install this great work! If you like this mode, also check out the Historical Immersion Project located in the same modding forum as CK2 +. It is worth noting that since mid-2019, the team has been working on trying to rebuild this status from the ground up, as it has proven extremely difficult to maintain in its current state. As such, the main mode has not been updated since mid-2019.

Game of Thrones MOD

Crusader Kings II is perhaps the best in all PC games to represent the intense political action of George RR Martin’s world. This adjustment It seeks justice in the world of a song of ice and fire through its impressively searched bookmarks and great emphasis on the characters’ interactions. Not only is it a complete overhaul of the game’s mechanics to match books, but the addition of other interactions such as magic and a complex system to deal with massive civil wars with multiple claimants expands the CK2 experience to new heights.

When the world stopped feeling

Dive into ‘dark’ ages In late antiquity and early medieval times when the collapse of the Roman Empire in the West created chaos that shook the very essence of European civilization. By pushing the start date back to 476, a whole new world of content is available to the player and a rich timeline stretch is filled with meticulously searched settings, bookmarks, and historical people. New decisions and mechanisms bring this unique piece of world history to life in amazing detail.

Elder Kings

Not to be outdone Old scrolls fandom has its wonderful and deeply detailed style. Full of custom events and custom mechanics, this puts the total into the conversion total. You don’t even need to be a fan of the Elder Scrolls to appreciate a dive into this dense and fully embodied world.

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One of the most intelligent transformed mechanics is to transform the Chinese Empire’s console from the base game into whole worlds that you can interact with governed by their own abilities. One of the most polished tweaks out there, and a great way to quench your thirst while you wait Elder Scrolls VI.

The Ruler designer has been unlocked

Finally, creating the perfect starting character has never been easier. The title of the mod is self-explanatory as the features are available For your customized personality Without any restrictions (unless you set them yourself!). Unique gameplay hacks and unique breeds are finally available to the player. It’s a simple yet incredibly rewarding approach, which is a must for anyone wanting full control over their ancestor.

Rich childhood

Rich is the right word for that. This situation brings life back to the temporary years of a young man or woman’s ascension into adulthood. Instead of the little pups who eventually become a “real” character, this pose seeks to make the experience of growing up as exciting as an adult’s life. There is no downside For this mod. Events offer a fun and intriguing encounter for the player in those rare (hopeful) times where wills should be in charge of a prince or a little princess.

Sketchy features

Another simple mod that adds a large number of important and necessary traits available to the characters. Physical traits such as fluency and fertility as well as personality traits such as psychopathy and creativity are some of the additions that put another dimension to the already oriented CKII nature. Whether you are looking for additional bonuses or looking to create a compelling narrative, This pose helps add texture To a system of personality traits.

Sftecap extermination feature

All that hard work in making all the “right” decisions to develop the character and personality you always wanted is now finally preserved! In essence, CKII has a hidden character trait limit and this mod simply eliminates that cap. With this mode, the player’s actions finally stick and the characters culminate in memorable, luxurious characters. Available here.

Your personal castle

Isn’t it any wonder that your capital is almost indistinguishable from everyone else? Your personal castle It addresses this issue by allowing the player to build bonus creation additions to their home possessions. Be it secret passages or diligent libraries, not only are they great for customizing the capital experience, but the mod also provides events associated with each addition to the castle that immerse the player in what it means to build a great fortress. By far one of the most popular mods out there!

There are no defensive rules between religions

A lesser-known and small mod, but I think it really makes sense. This adjustment The formation of defensive charters between different religions is not permitted. There has been a lot of discussion about the game mechanism known as defensive agreements while some have said that it artificially hinders play by manipulating the system to resist the player. While the other adjustments do get rid of the defense pacts in their entirety, I think this small situation finds the best compromise.

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Defense pacts will take shape, but at least you won’t have to worry about Richard the Lionheart and Saladin somehow collaborating to stop you. While some gamers might want this challenge, this mode is for those who want a slightly more historical tackle for expansion.

Genetic improvement

Using scientific data to give genetics more realism in CKII is the stated purpose This adjustment And while it’s a slight change (since CKII’s genetics system isn’t far from “ reality ”), this mode actually helps make in-game genetics more reliable, stable and predictable (thanks scientifically). Not only was the Creator well versed in Mendelian genetics, but he also took into account polygenic inheritance for a wonderful, if not invisible, genetics experiment.

Patrum Scotta

What would the Middle Ages be without the glorious beauty of heraldry? This adjustment It takes this basic premise and turns it into a rich aesthetic experience. Not only is this a graphic package that adds hundreds of new logo styles as well as enriches existing options, but this mod also applies them in a historically researched way.

The date-matched heraldry has been restored and the dynamically generated tags align with the records searched. This also offers a plethora of different options for custom breeds the only drawback of which is that they make the checklist for logos shield over a thousand clicks!

In schematic maps in the sky

While choosing Paradox to present an abstract 3D ocean map is nice enough, This mode brings the player Return to map setting. It’s as if the player has been pulled into the map room with their closest advisors reviewing the state of the world on a map worthy of the timeframe. Let this graphical upgrade help you plunge into the world of CKII!

Anime pictures

I was surprised to discover this situation years ago and equally ashamed to admit that I love it. Who knew Crusader Kings II could be a unique anime experience? Strangely perfect selfies for every type of character and personality situation This situation is both dazzling and frightening. Even if one isn’t a fan of the style, it’s testament to a great graphic upgrade.

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Although it is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is also an indication that there are a lot of tweaks that tweak and improve the characters’ visuals to suit the player.

Complete Medieval Music

We can never overlook the rich musical history of the Middle Ages. From hymns to poetry, this mod is one example of a plethora of audio enhancements bringing a little bit of history back into the game. While Paradox provides great music for its games, it is committing a crime by not including period songs as they used to do in games like Europa Universalis II. Amendment like this Fix this disparity.

How to modify CK2.0

For the first timers you want to tweak their game, Steam Workshop made the whole process as easy as clicking the subscribe button in the mode you want and Crusader Kings II will automatically download it and add it to its player. From there, the player can choose to enable or disable any mod of his choice.

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For very large mods to Steam, you can usually search for their pages on the Paradox forums and find instructions on how to install from there. We hope you enjoyed this guide to CK2 mods. Don’t forget to check out Crusader Kings 3 review, The mod scene there appeared!

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