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Looking for help beating bosses in Cyberpunk 2077? Night City is a dangerous place, and while you make a name for yourself on the streets, you are guaranteed to compete with some big-name enemies who may get you more trouble than you are used to.

These Cyberpunk bosses usually appear as part of the story, so now we’ll warn you about that Spoilers Cyberpunk 2077 Waiting for you below – proceed with caution. You can distinguish bosses from regular enemies with the yellow skull symbol above their heads – and if you’re playing on higher difficulties, they can pose quite a challenge. You will almost certainly find some bosses easier to do without others, depending on your job Building Cyberpunk 2077; But with the help of our superiors guide, you will be ready for every fight.

The reward for hitting these bosses is not just bragging about their rights; Often they drop powerful myths Cyberpunk Weapons 2077 or Cyberpunk 2077 device Exactly what they’re dropping looks random, but they’re guaranteed to be the best. Here’s how to defeat the Cyberpunk 2077 bosses we’ve encountered so far:

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Royce will fight as part of “The Pickup” mission. In order to defeat him, turn behind him and shoot the battery on the back – this will be permanently marked if I scan and mark it. We recommend using a rifle or technical weapon. Don’t bother trying to dodge his attacks, as that doesn’t keep you away from him enough to miss. Instead, run around to his sides and cross his line of sight at you with poles and other obstacles, otherwise he will kill you quickly.

Alternatively, you can blind him and then hide, and approach him from behind using stealth to perform removal and destruction of his battery; At this point you can perform a second removal procedure to eliminate it.


She meets Sasquatch while working on Placide in Pacifica. If she gets to her head, she takes out a huge hammer and does some massive damage. The stealth approach works best here; If I could sneak past her and perform a removal, it would remove 25% of her health and remove the juices from her back. It is difficult to move behind it unnoticed; We suggest to sneak around her back and head straight for her from her blind spot.

After removal, you can perform a second takedown to finish it off or continue fighting; It will use its fists instead of the hammer, making it easier to lower it. If you stay too close to it, it will charge and capture you, at which point your electronic programs will be exposed to remote interference; If you fail to defeat it before the countdown ends, it will be a steady line. Stay out of your range, avoid its combat attacks, and shoot a kite on it as much as possible to take it down.


Oda is hard to beat. You don’t want to meet the end of his blade work, so be sure to stay out of melee range. Maintain your distance as much as possible and use obstacles to avoid attacks – you can distance yourself by running through the small tunnels on the edge of the square. Dodging wouldn’t be as helpful as running away from him as fast as possible (not cool, but necessary).

Has a Cybernetic Mask that prevents your smart weapons from reaching it; Destroy this first (you can do this by performing a stealth removal operation after secretly exit combat) and then use smart weapons to take it down. When he fires his pointed bullets, then they will attack – the bullets hurt, but not as much as his engagement. You can use an inhaler with a healing effect over time to overcome these. When it switches to stealth mode to heal, seize the opportunity to fix yourself and reload, then run around and find the clear glow of its blades. Toward the end he will chase you relentlessly – there’s not much you can do about it, just keep recovering and switching between all of your weapons, hoping you do enough damage to force him to separate and heal, which he will do in about 10-15% of his remaining health. Then you can eliminate it.

Adam Smash

The attractor can take a heavy hit, and it is incredibly powerful – but has a weakness; Cyber ​​heart on his chest. You will need to destroy his shield to shoot his heart unless you have technical weapons. During the first phase of combat, Smasher will use both melee attacks and “firestorm” – avoid these as much as you can. It will remain still for a moment after a strong jump attack, which is most vulnerable to attack.

Once his health drops, he will summon reinforcements, which you should take out as soon as possible – use Ping to track where they all are. Once you sort these things out, avoid the Smasher missiles and carry on the attack – it will eventually enter the third stage, where it is vulnerable to being shot down.

The stealth approach – getting out of the fight by being distracted or blinded – works here as well; You will deal an enormous amount of damage with every stealth removal you can perform.

These are all the Cyberpunk 2077 bosses that we know of. If you’re looking to secure yourself on the edge in combat, check out Cyberpunk 2077 Quick Breakout Guide Or if you need to focus on maximizing your frame rate, see our guide to Best Cyberpunk PC settings for performance.

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