Become a body disposal specialist when the Body of Evidence is exchanged on December 17th

There are a lot of games that task the player to cut down hordes of enemies. What is less common is to jump into action after the bullets have already flown in. This is what clues , New puzzle game / Disposal simulation is coming Nintendo Switch On December 17th.

In Body of Evidence, the player’s job is to not only dispose of corpses but also any evidence that they were there in the first place. This means cleaning up blood, debris, and evidence; Anything that could expose a customer. Of course, this also means finding a place to dispose of the flesh.

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Speaking of clients, you’ll be working with all kinds of people on both sides of the law. Although the press release does not go into the details of this, one might imagine that cleaning up a police crime scene would be done differently than cleaning up mob fallout.

That is, assuming the responsible police are on the increase. Cue dramatic music.

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Tools will be required to get the job done properly, from simple items like mops and hoses to sneaky items like lock pads. Luminol can be used to find hidden blood stains that are not visible to the naked eye. This is especially important because it is exactly what the police will be looking for. You need to beat them in their own game.

The trailer makes the tone of the game very clear. The topic can be very dangerous, but the whole thing is handled with a nod and a nod. Ragdoll’s physics makes it hard not to laugh when you pull a body in the hallway and then again, the copious amounts of blood splattered everywhere aren’t exactly hilarious.

The game promises thirty different levels, with different ways to complete each level. The press release also claims that the developers were inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s films, which should explain the grim humor. It should also help players determine if this is their cup of tea.

Fortunately, if you’re interested, it won’t cost much to find out. The game will sell for only $ 9.99, which is a hard price to ignore.

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Done properly, this could be a really fun time in a very specialized kind. The only game that immediately comes to mind is Serial Cleaner, But the top-down perspective and the stealth component of that game make the comparison very easy.

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