Mass Effect was stoked at The Game Awards 2020, here’s what we know

The 2020 Game Awards have continued nearly since the Peter Jackson movie, but there was a lot to see tonight including a new movie Mass effect Movie trailer. Although the footage was nothing more than a joke of things to come, we could do some speculation and gather the details we know from the previous months. First things first, let’s break down This trailer.

The trailer leads to a scale model of the universe with Morgan Freeman grants…. No, not this time. Instead, we hear some muted dialogue from the various voice actors as we traverse expanses of space and notice the vibrant nebulae and system combinations that the game famously depicts via star charts. Ambience soothing music is played while the sounds recall the symbolic feats of humanity’s journey to the stars. Some of the references appear to be related to actual history, while others are clearly traditions from the world of Mass Effect. The iconic sounds of Reaper weapons can also be heard as the camera drifts through the debris of the space station.

The trailer finally ends with a shot of a lone explorer navigating a harsh and cold landscape. A blizzard rages around the figure mercilessly, but they continue to search for something buried and forgotten in the ruins. something important. The character gets on its knees to retrieve a portion of a very familiar helmet with the N7 badge printed on the side. This should belong to our son Shepherd, right? It’s hard to say, but judging by the explorer’s subsequent revelations, it might happen. The character is Asari, and who else could possibly be alongside Liara T’soni? Then she looks towards the horizon as a small cargo ship waits for her. That’s it though.

Time to unleash our imagination

In fact, EA hasn’t done much to reveal Mass effect Or any other new projects during The Game Awards 2020. So we can only speculate on this one, but we’re not going far into the rabbit hole. The first detail we may take into account is the introduction to the game. It appears to remember humanity’s first journey to the stars and refer to the First Contact War. It was a short struggle between humanity and the Torians, and Colonel Anderson’s voice emerged. This may indicate an advance introduction, or just a remembrance.

However, it’s also possible at this time that he pushes the narrative into the post-War Reaper region, as Liara appears to be searching for Shepard. Of course their relationship didn’t exist until the events of Mass Effect 1, so this can tell a personal story of the consequences. The latter theory is less revolutionary, but it will definitely satisfy most fans. We know a remastered version of the trilogy is coming, and that might just be a first look at some of the updated graphics. It’s very hard to say, but in the words of the EA, ‘Mass effect It will continue. “Whatever it means.

Time for some facts

We have not seen any evidence of the related events Andromeda In this trailer, this game is likely related to the original trilogy. Bioware has been recorded in the past to say it’s not the case with the Andromeda trilogy, though, so we just have to wait and look. in a A new piece of news, Bioware Studio Manger Casey Hudson stated that the team was working on the “next chapter from Mass effect Kuhn. ”Hudson and Bewear Executive Producer afterwards Mark Dara He left suddenly From the company, which is definitely troubling. The timing of this trailer makes it seem like an attempt to reassure fans Mass effect He is still alive. Despite this, losing some of the original creative talent behind the series is never beneficial to the business or the fans

At the very least, we can look forward to Mass Effect: Legendary Edition The Remaster trilogy has been confirmed for its Spring 2021 release. Details on this project are equally rare, but we’ll make sure to let you know when it is fully revealed.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Remastered Remaster PC 2021

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