Cyberpunk 2077 – Flying Drug Gig Guide

Flying Drugs is a great way to earn some extra swirls in early Cyberpunk 2077. You can find this opportunity in the Badlands, a region teeming with nomads. Dakota Smith, Badlands Installer, gives you the location of a lost drug delivery drone. Your mission is to prevent the Wraith gang from stealing more drones by turning off their rooftop signals.

It is important to deal with as many vehicles as possible in order to win some Creed Street. This will give you access to new brokers and suppliers, allowing you to tackle more difficult tasks and buy better items. Find some of these gigs tricky? Be sure to look at Cyberpunk 2077’s best franchises A guide to see if you have set the right privileges for your device. this is Evidence contains spoilers For this task, so only keep going if you want to know what the job includes, as well as each potential outcome.

The signal comes from an isolated communications building. This party won’t be a walk in the park as the building is fortified and teeming with heirlooms inside and out. Regardless of the type Building Cyberpunk 2077 You create it, there will be a way to complete this job in a number of different ways.

Choose your approach

If you have had some time to scale the area, you may have spotted the towers on the outside of the building. These towers can quickly run on Wraiths depending on which build they are settled on. Buildings that feature Body Stat stats, along with Gorilla Arms cyberware can rip turrets out of their perch for use as miniguns. Pirates can use towers against Wraiths by having them automatically shoot at gang members.

There is a lot of cover surrounding the tower, and if you’ve picked up the Kerenzikov or Sandevistan cyber program, you should be able to run with ease. This route will force you to fight the Wraiths head-on, so it’s worth remembering to electrocute enemies with breakouts if you find yourself surrounded. You can completely avoid close range combat by picking Wraiths one by one with a sniper rifle.

Netrunners will want to focus on the security cameras spread across the region. Having access to cameras will give you the opportunity to distract any Wraith Patrol. This is the perfect time to attack if you’ve gone to build a stealth – keep in mind that enemies who undergo non-lethal takedowns can wake up once found by their gang mates. If you’re looking to cause the least amount of bloodshed, hidden build with the Hidden Dragon feature is the way to go.

Make your way through the tower

Head to the back entrance of the building to avoid a large number of enemies. There will be some patrolmen nearby, so stay alert and try to pick them up while you are on the go. Once inside the building, the ability to double-jump Boosted Tendons will save you a lot of time.

If you haven’t gained this ability yet, you will have to pass through the building with brute force. Dealing with multiple enemies in a closed space is ideal for building grit as your enemies have nowhere to go. As long as you have some protective shields, your improved online fist will quickly work on any ghost that gets in your way.

Once on the surface, you will need to deal with the transmitter. Hackers can handle this easily, provided you have sufficient technical ability. Otherwise, you can simply destroy the antenna with a quick breach, melee weapon or pistol.

There you have it, a short and sweet party that will give you a fair amount of rewards. Looking for more Party Guides for more Swirls and Street Cred? You’ll want to check out Sweet Dreams and A woman not mancha He guides to a breeze through these carriages.

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