Spider Man: Miles Morales gets RT performance mode that mixes 60fps with beam-tracking

For a very long time, console users generally had to deal with any “visibility” developers when posting their addresses for specific consoles.

There weren’t any of the long-loved features that PC players could enjoy: turning off certain settings they’d rather not work with, and generally dancing around the settings page so they can find a preferred frame rate that doesn’t sacrifice too much on quality.

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Many computer players find 60fps the minimum acceptable frame rate, and prefer 120: additional resolution and quality settings tend to appear after the primary target is reached.

Console players, on the other hand, have not been so lucky: titles tend to trigger the way they play and there is little rhyme or reason given to players regarding an honestly appalling lack of options for deciding how to make the console work better for your style and type of gameplay.

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Some exist to stop the smell of roses and admire the reflections in every pond they can find, others are a lot more interested in the smooth fighting and the smooth play.

Insomniac Games, developer Spider-Man: Miles Morales Trying to offer more options for Play Station Users as to what they prefer with a healthy mix of both with a new feature called “ Performance RT ” (RT stands for raytracing) that aims at sixty frames per second first, then adds ray tracing effects to give the next title – the brilliance of the expected generation.

They are not the in-depth options that players want; Some titles are still unable to figure out how to present options on a PC let alone console where customization is more limited, but it seems clear that there may be a future ahead that holds. PlayStation 5Where console users will be able to precisely specify how they want to play their title.

Console or not, looks great and smooth, so much so that you can make little of it Computer enthusiasts Take a double. Crisp, liquid, and next generation in spades.

Even with the actual pressure on Twitter, the clip above exudes a sparkle that can make more than a few turn green with envy.

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The latest update released yesterday brought the option that made social media yesterday even pulse with Cyberpunk 2077 On the near horizon, some have also noted that the ability to continuously play titles at 60 frames per second has brought the greatest “next generation” feeling yet.

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