PUBG Mobile India managers are clueless about the reboot

PUBG Mobile India release may take some time. As a reminder, the original game was banned in the country earlier this year, in September, along with hundreds of other apps, amid tensions between India and China. Before Diwali, the company revealed that it will soon bring the game back to the country, Basem PUBG Mobile India-Customized version of the original game. The latest report from InsideSport now indicates that managers are “clueless” about the relaunch schedule. Also read – PUBG Mobile’s FAU-G may launch in India this month: report

According to the report, a former manager, who was well aware of PUBG Mobile India’s operations, said current PUBG Mobile India managers are not aware of the game’s restart status. “Nobody knows the true timelines for the return of the mobile version in India, not even the promoters or directors. The report noted that when the government bans something, the appeal can only happen through their orders. Also read – PUBG Mobile India may not be launched this year, which is why

Previous reports indicated that the company had asked the government to set a date for a meeting but did not receive a response in return. Meanwhile, the company is teasing the game’s launch on its social media channels. Also read – FAU-G breaks record, breaks 1 million pre-registrations on Play Store in 3 days

PUBG Corporation announced that the Indian version of the game will be slightly different from the global version. The company also revealed that the privacy and security of users’ information will be a top priority for the game.

Last month, the company updated the Google Play Store link for PUBG Mobile India For a short period of time. Reports indicate that the game will be released for the first time for Android users. There are no words on whether or not the game will be available to iPhone users.

As far as the PUBG Mobile India launch schedule is concerned, the game release might take a few months. Some reports indicate that it could be re-launched in the first months of 2021.

Once the game is released, your biggest challenge will be FAU-G, PUBG’s Indian rival. FAU-G is already pre-registered on the Google Play Store and is expected to launch before the end of the year.

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