Temtem is now rolling out to PlayStation 5

The Play Station 5 out several weeks ago. For those who were fortunate to find the system at an affordable price, they were pleasantly surprised by the next-generation console as a whole.

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DualSense controllers were a standout feature with haptic feedback, adding a new level of immersion. It’s a great feature to complement a solid system, but what many people care about most is the game’s lineup.

Given that the PS5 has not been launched for long, the library is not that impressive at the moment. However, you can add Timm To the growing list of games available for the system.

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It is a massive multiplayer game where players try to catch creatures known as Temtems. They are very similar to Pokemon. Even the way you train them works a lot like Pokemon Franchise. This is not a bad thing either. This franchise is loved by many, so it is only natural for developers to come and implement the same successful recipe.

When not all types are hunt Timm In this online multiplayer game, you can interact with other coaches, explore different areas, and trade with others as you wish. The open world design gives you a lot of areas to explore. All the time, the excitement is building because you never know which creature you’ll encounter next.

And if you like customization, Timm You got that in spades. You can customize your character with different outfits and even decorate your home. This gives this game a huge appeal for those who like to show off their personal tastes.

You can play this game alone or in cooperative mode, where you and the others can go on missions and fight the eight dojo leaders. The possibilities are endless regardless of your gameplay preferences.

Judging by the reviews, it does not seem Timm It was a hit because there is a very similar recipe for Pokemon games. There are a lot of similar elements, but there are some distinct details that make this game stand out on its own.

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If you have PS5 And they are looking for something new to play before the bigger versions are released. Timm It might just be what you need. It’s definitely a title you’ll want to check out if you’re a fan of open-end creature hunting titles. You’ll find all kinds of creatures and characters to interact with every time you return to an online multiplayer game.

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